My cheap three ingredient weed solution will kill them in two days – and you don't have to pick anything | The Sun

AN innovative woman has concocted a solution to kill the weeds in her garden.

All you need is three ingredients to rid the vegetation in two days.

TikTok user @Ratedspecialk posted a video to explain her quick fix for cleaning up her outdoor area.

"I have a gardening hack for you," she proclaimed.

"If you are tired of fighting the weeds in your garden, and you want something that is cheap and natural, get yourself a spray bottle."

The clever woman admitted the bottle didn't have to be an outdoor-specific one. It could be a leftover one from inside the house.

She unscrewed the cap of her empty bottle and poured white vinegar in.

The liquid was filled to about the halfway mark.

Next, she sprinkled a teaspoon of salt and mixed it with the vinegar.

"If it was the full gallon, I would do a tablespoon," she explained.

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Lastly, she added a little bit of dish soap.

She shook the contents in the bottle before spraying it on top of the leaves of the weeds.

"This is also great for those pesky weeds," she admitted as she coated the greenery growing between the cracks of her outdoor tiles.

The TikTok user warned viewers not to get the solution on their plants.

But she guaranteed their weeds would be dead in a few days.

She said: "And you won't have to have picked anything."

Shocked viewers were thankful the gardening pro shared her tip.

"I didn't know it worked with actual table salt. I've been using Epsom salt," a stunned person admitted.

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Another woman commented: "What the actual hell. This is lit."

The TikToker used the slang "lit" to mean "awesome."

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