I have a big nose but would never get a nose job – my contour makeup transformation blows people away | The Sun

SOME days you may find yourself hating certain aspects of your appearance.

A YouTuber has revealed the technique she uses to make her nose appear smaller, without getting surgery.

YouTuber VanessaK7 shared how she completely changes the size of her nose by simply contouring it.

Vanessa explained her love for her natural nose, and why she wouldn't change it permanently.

"My nose is big, my dad’s nose is big. I have learned to absolutely love my nose, natural or contoured, I love it. The thing about my nose, I would never ever get nose surgery," she told her viewers.

The influencer continued: "I’ll never recommend to my viewers or subscribers to ever get a procedure for their nose if it’s big."

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The YouTuber began by highlighting her undereye area as normal, blending the concealer up the sides of her nose.

"The first step is drawing a line down the nose. Put undereye concealer towards your nose, get right up close, leaving about half a centimeter from the line you just drew," she advised.

Vanessa explained: "Blend where you put the concealer on your nose, keeping it within the area you put the concealer. And you can see that the concealer is now covering my natural [nose shape]."

The influencer emphasized the importance of having control over your contour, as it can make or break your makeup look.

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Using a contour stick or an angled brush and contour powder palette, you can complete your nose transformation.

"I like to start where my eyebrow begins, and then that half a centimeter gap that we left between this side of our contour and our actual nose line contour, you’re going to fill in with the contour," Vanessa explained.

For a finishing touch, the YouTuber recommended adding a small amount of brown contour to the tip of your nose, to give it shape.

Vanessa's viewers took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the dramatic transformation.

"THIS IS THE BEST CONTOUR VIDEO EVER! I have the same wide nose bridge so this is really helpful!" one user said.

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Another subscriber wrote: "I have a big nose, I’m glad I found this channel. Sometimes when I look at pictures or even videos of myself I get insecure. You are aspiring. I love the video."

"My daughter and I just watched this and when we go got to the before/after we were like 'WOW she is so beautiful before and after.' You did a great job, but I'm glad you love your natural nose too because you're gorgeous," said a third person.

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