I have cellulite and still wear skimpy bikinis – I hope my future daughter knows she doesn’t need to cover up | The Sun

A BODY image coach hopes to inspire her future daughter and young women everywhere, that cellulite is nothing to be ashamed of.

She still wears skimpy bikinis, regardless of her dimpled skin.

This lady is determined not to cover up and will wear two-piece swimwear whenever and wherever she likes.

If other people have a problem with it then that is their issue as far as she was concerned.

Sami Rose (@sami.rose_) has 28,000 followers and 606,000 likes.

She is based on Australia's sunshine coast in the city of Brisbane.

Sami's post is light-hearted, but her message is serious.

Her philosophy was captioned across the screen.

“When your daughter wears skimpy bikinis to the beach instead of feeling like she has to cover up her cellulite or wear a one piece."

Then she lip-synched to a Kylie Jenner audio: “Are you kidding me? Stormi, you look like mommy baby.”

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Sami added: "Obviously, this is hypothetical future daughter."

Through her TikTok and professional life, Sami wants women to be proud of their bodies, cellulite, stretch marks, and all.

On her TikTok, she describes herself as a “registered counselor and your body image best friend.”

She is also a personal trainer and binge eating/body image coach.

This lady has had her own battles with body image but is finally beating them.

“When you finally make peace with the body you’ve been at war with for decades," she said in one of her posts.

But her ultimate goal, she said was to motivate and inspire women: "To live a healthier, happier and more confident life, caring for their bodies from the inside out."

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