I thought filming my gym workout would be cute until I watched the footage back – my sweat had other plans | The Sun

AN exercise enthusiast has revealed she suffered a wardrobe mishap just moments after entering the gym.

Beverley (@beverleycheng) was left feeling embarrassed after getting a very awkwardly placed sweat patch while doing a glute-focused landmine workout.

She boasts almost 70,000 followers on TikTok where she posts fitness, travel, and videos about life living on a sailboat. 

The fitness fanatic took to the social media platform wearing bright green leggings and a black sports bra.

She was left horrified after the sheer material of her leggings made the sweat on her bum visible for all in the gym to see.

“POV [point of view]: you film your very first exercise of the day thinking it’ll be cute AF [as f**k] but your butt sweat has other plans,” read the text over the video.

The mortifying position of the sweat patch could fool anyone into thinking that Beverley had wet herself during her workout.

She was shocked by the unsightly stain when she watched back the footage from her exercise.

“Let’s be honest I gave up on looking cute looooong time ago,” she added in the caption of the post.

The video went viral with over 471,000 views and a stream of commenters admitting they only wear black to the gym because they are afraid of having visible sweat stains.

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Others praised Beverley for showing the reality of working up a sweat at the gym and said they felt empowered to embrace their own perspiration. 

One person wrote: “Hardly ever do I see girls posting workouts with sweat marks. If you’re not sweating then it’s not a workout… lovin' it get some girl.”

Another commented: “Haha I only wear black because of this. Good for you!”

A third said: “Story of my gym life, thanks for keeping it real.”

A fourth penned: “This is encouraging to see because I always look like this and have been embarrassed.”

Another added: “Happened to me so I ended up wearing a hoodie [laughing].” 

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