I used to hate my big boobs & took drastic measures to hide them – my simple hack will help you learn to love your chest | The Sun

A TIKTOKER said she grew up hating her big boobs and even went out of her way to hide them for many years – now she is sharing her simple hack to help others learn to love their chest size.

Kate (@8kateee) has more than 138,000 followers on TikTok, where she creates fashion content for people with a larger chest.

In a personal video, Kate shared how she used to hate her big boobs while growing up and took drastic measures to hide them.

“I grew boobs in the fifth grade and I went to Catholic school until eighth grade,” she said while painting her nails.

Because of her upbringing, Kate said she knew “absolutely nothing” about her changing body, which made her hate having breasts.

“I would take those tight a** Nike sports bras in a size XS, which was too small on me, and I would put on one, and then I would put on a second one to make me completely flat.”

Kate said that until high school, she only received a Catholic education which she believes is the reason why she didn’t know much about her body.

By the time, though, she said she didn’t really start liking her chest but she made a friend with a similar build who convinced herself that she had a unique body unlike anyone else.

“So I started doing the same,” said Kate, “and it worked.”

Now, Kate says she loves having boobs.

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“Nobody has a body like mine,” she said.

Her video when viral with nearly half a million views and several comments from people with similar experiences. 

“I also went to a Catholic school then switched to public and it’s kinda like a culture shock,” wrote one person.

“The universal sports brad flattening by all of us,” joked another person. 

One user said they had a similar background to Kate and even went as far as getting a breast reduction. 

“I don’t regret it but I wish I appreciated myself more,” she wrote.

Kate replied: “My mom still wants me to get one lol but glad you did what was best for you.”

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