My son was so excited for his birthday party but it left us all in tears – hardly anyone came & the cake was a real fail | The Sun

A MUM has left people in tears after sharing a video of her disappointed son at his birthday party.

Sarah took to TikTok to reveal her boy Morrison had been "so excited" about his big bash, and had planned it all himself.

But when the big day came, almost no-one attended the party – and his cake wasn't what he wanted either.

"Watching the video of your son’s birthday party and seeing in his face how disappointed and sad he really was," she wrote over a clip of her son sitting in front of his cake.

"He’d planned it all. Counted down daily. Told everyone about it.

"Then barely anyone showed up and his cake was nothing like we’d asked for.

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"He cried so much that night when we got home."

"All he wanted was his mewtwo cake," Sarah captioned her video, referring to the Pokemon character.

While she didn't show the cake in detail, it was clear that it was basically a red cake with some Pokemon characters added onto it.

People were quick to comment on the video, with most of them insisting they would have attended had they been among those invited.

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"Did anyone else grow up in the early 90s, and EVERYONE attended EVERYONES birthdays?!" one wrote.

"They were so fun and such a wonderful memory. I can’t take seeing these babies sad bc no one showed up.

"Who are their parents?! I always go because several times we’ve been the ONLY ones who came."

"This makes me so sad," another commented.

"My daughter will always go to a party if invited and she will invite those that people may not regardless of demographics."

"Honestly this breaks my heart!" a third admitted.

"We need to do better. I know we have busy lives but as parents we to need to get our kids to these events!"

As another mum wrote: "This is why I don’t do birthday parties anymore for my kids.

"I couldn’t take it anymore."

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