I was embarrassed about my mouse's name so made up a new one for the vet – my plan then backfired and I was mortified | The Sun

SHE was too embarrassed to tell the vet her mouse's real name, so made up a new one instead.

But Amy's plan backfired when the receptionist overheard her saying her pet's real name.

She took to TikTok to recount the tale, admitting she was "so embarrassed" that she wasn't sure she could ever return to that vets again.

"I have just come back from the vets and I'm so embarrassed," she began.

"Oh my God, I'm so embarrassed, I can never show my face.

"I have a pet mouse and last week I noticed she had some spots and some little scabs on her head and they weren't getting any better and she'd been really itchy.

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"So this morning I rang the vet and I was like, 'I've got a scabby mouse, can I bring her in?'

"And they said, 'Yep, bring her in this evening. But she's not in the system, what's its name?'

"And I was too embarrassed to say its actual name so I went, 'It's called Squeak'."

When Amy was at the vets, her partner rang and asked where she was, to which she explained she was getting the mouse looked at.

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During the phone call, she tells him that at the vets, she's "called Squeak, because I was too embarrassed to say her real name".

"And I said her real name when I was on the phone," she added.

After the appointment, Amy was given some drops for her pet, but they were out of stock.

So she decided to pay for the drops and come back the next day to pick them up.

"I go to the reception and say, 'I'm here to pay a bill… I've got Squeak'," Amy continued.

"And she looks me dead in the eyes and she says, 'That's not what I heard'. And she's heard my conversation with my partner!

"Then she goes, 'Oh, you should have said, I think Vin Diesel is a lovely name for a mouse'."

Growing increasingly red-faced, Amy laughed: "So now I have to back tomorrow and go to the reception and say, 'Hi, I'm here to pick up a prescription for Vin Diesel'.

"I don't think I can show my face! I don't think she's getting these drops!"

"This is a lesson, name your pets normal names," Amy captioned her video.

People were quick to comment on the video, with one writing: "As someone who works in a vets, it would honestly make my day if someone brought in a pet called vin diesel!"

"I have a cat named Leonardo DeCatrio," another added.

"My Cat is named Freddie Meowcury. The vets always love it so much," a third said.

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As someone else wrote: "As someone who has worked in a vets office Vin Diesel is an awesome name!! Way better than Luna or Bella."

"One of my frogs is Frobert Pattinson," another laughed.

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