I'm 83 & have put my Egyptian lover, 37, on a sex ban – otherwise I end up in A&E weekly, it's murder on my fragile skin | The Sun

PENSIONER Iris Jones raised eyebrows on This Morning when she talked about bedding her Egyptian lover Mohamed Ibriham – 46 years her junior.

However, it seems that following Mohamed’s move to her home in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, after being granted a spousal visa earlier this year, Iris 82, has had to scale back on nightly romps in fears for her health.

The couple, who married in winter 2020, made telly hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield blush with spicy tales of their sex life but Iris says that the honeymoon period has sizzled off.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Iris, who celebrated her second wedding anniversary with Mohamed in October, says: “Sex has taken a bit of a backseat for now. 

“Mohamed wants me more than I want him but I’m 83 and I’m not as fit as I used to be. I need to take a bit of a break every now and then.”

The mum  says that it was repeat trips to A&E that have forced her to tone down her saucy sessions.

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“I have very thin skin and if his skin rubs against mine I get skin rips and I end up in A&E or at the doctors,” she says.

“Quite frankly the doctors are sick of seeing me, they know exactly what I’ve been up to!

“I’m a real regular.”

But while their sex life may have quietened down Iris says that she and her Egyptian husband are more in love than ever.

Quite frankly the doctors are sick of seeing me, they know exactly what I’ve been up to!

“Our love is unbelievable and the sex is secondary, it’s a bi-product, the love is most important after all,” Iris says.

“The love is overwhelming sometimes. Mohamed will tell me ‘I can’t live without you’ and one day he is going to have to.

“There’s no secret to keeping the love alive. 

“Before I met him I never thought it would work, he was young enough to be my grandson! 

“But when I met him at Cairo airport that was it, the love was cemented there and then and it’s been like that ever since.”

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While Iris says there is plenty of love in their marriage, she’s not afraid to admit that living with a man full time can prove to be challenging.

“It is incredibly difficult to keep the spark alive in a relationship, and two years into a marriage it of course dies off a little,” she says.

“We both do things that wind the other one up so it’s a learning curve and it’s a learning curve right through marriage. 

“Learning to live with one another and each other’s little differences and there are many many differences between us but it’s all about ironing them out.

“Mohamed loves to leave the soap in the soap dish full of water and he is always leaving the lid off the biscuit tin and letting them go soft. It drives me mad.

“He says I’m a nag but I only nag him to teach him.”

Before I met him I never thought it would work, he was young enough to be my grandson!

Not only has Mohamed learned to become comfortable in Iris’ home, but she says her new husband has fully settled into a British way of life.

Iris explains: “Mohamed is a fully-fledged British man now, he loves it here. He loves the diversity, the weather, the food, there’s nothing he doesn’t like.

“He says that he prefers the cold weather to the heat of Egypt.

“I’m recording all of the World Cup matches for him and he’ll be cheering for England all the way.”

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Iris’ life changed forever in early 2019 when son Stephen bought her a laptop and signed her up to Facebook. She joined a group for atheists, which is where she got chatting to Mohamed.

She previously told Fabulous said: “His intellect shone through and when he sent me some pictures, I thought, ‘Oh my God he is drop-dead gorgeous’.

“But I realised how young he was, so I never thought anything would come of it. He was in an arranged marriage for ten years that ended in May 2020, though they separated two years ago.

“When he started calling me ‘Babe’, I said, ‘Don’t start getting romantic notions, I’ll soon be an octogenarian’.

“But I realised I was falling in love with him. He told me he loved me first about three weeks after we met. He said, ‘I didn’t intend to fall in love with a 79-year-old Iris, I just did’. He thinks we have a spiritual connection and were meant to be.”

He says that he prefers the cold weather to the heat of Egypt

In November 2019, just five months after they connected online, Iris flew five hours from London’s Heathrow to Cairo for their first meeting in real life.

She said: “I had a wedding dress in my bag. It was just assumed we would marry, we were in love.

“In the arrivals hall I saw this tall, incredibly handsome man and just jumped into his arms.”

Unfortunately, they weren’t able to get married because Iris hadn’t realised she needed to bring her divorce papers with her. 

The love is overwhelming sometimes

After a month, Iris was devastated to fly back to the UK but a month later she paid another £600 to return to Cairo.

She said: “Seeing him again was perfect. We learn so much about each other every time. I am a cantankerous old biddy whereas he is more relaxed. But we balance each other out.”

Unable to marry during that visit either, as Mohamed’s divorce had not yet been finalised, the pair finally tied the knot during Iris’s third visit, where she followed all government travel guidelines, in October 2020.

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She said: “My sons didn’t know about it until they read about it online but I didn’t care what they thought. This is my life. The wedding was very simple, in an office building. Afterwards we celebrated with Coca-Cola and KFC. 

“That night, we just cuddled, then made love the next morning. It was the best sex of my life and I was so happy.”

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