I’m a catfish pro – people insist they'd 'press charges' because my transformation should be illegal | The Sun

A WOMAN who's a catfish pro has been told people want to "press charges" because her transformation's so good it's illegal.

The make-up artist regularly shares videos of herself on her TikTok page, and frequently blows viewers away with her incredible makeovers.

She recently shared a clip of herself in response to someone writing "thanks for nightmares" in a comment on a previous clip.

The video began with her looking a lot older, with yellow teeth, having apparently used make-up to age herself.

After using concealer, foundation, blusher, powder, tapping it in with a beauty blender before revealing her incredible after snap.

She'd also taken her hair down, and people were left stunned by the incredible makeover.

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"She’s a shapeshifter," one wrote.

"Makeup should be banned!!!! I mean it!!!!" another said.

As a third agreed, writing: "I would press charges."

"I’m taking my next girl to the swimming baths for the first date…" someone else commented.

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"This is why I have trust issues," another wrote.

As another added: "This video is the definition of trust the process."

"This is too much for my brain," someone else complained.

Others couldn't get their heads around the fact that she was the same person both before and after the transformation.

"That’s a different person. No way," one insisted.

"It’s not you," another raged.

As a third commented: "I refuse to believe this is the same person."

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