I’m a gym girl – my ‘booty scrunch’ tip works great with tight shorts, it makes your butt look plump and perfect | The Sun

A FITNESS fan has shared her booty-plumping trick that makes anyone look great in tight shorts.

She showed viewers how quickly she made her butt look toned and perfect with minimal effort.

TikTok creator Taylor Halbert (@taylorhalbertfit) is a nutrition coach and personal trainer.

Her dedication to health and fitness helps her as she is also on her way to becoming a registered dietician.

She showcases many exercises and appearance-based tips and tricks in a humourous light in many of her videos.

In one particular video, she shared an easy butt-scrunching trick that makes anyone look good in tight shorts.

At the start of the video, Halbert stood in front of the camera in what appeared to be her living room.

She wore a gray sports bra and matching tight athletic shorts.

The fashionable workout set definitely displayed her toned body and fit physique.

The brunette briefly explained her reasoning behind the booty scrunch technique that works well with shorts "when they're just a little too tight, a little too small."

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The gym enthusiast uses herself as a real-life example to show viewers how to do the style tip.

"So, you really gotta go from the one side and bring it all the way in…and then you gotta wiggle the other side in, and there you go," she said.

The technique calls for people to pick up fabric from one side of the shorts and move them deeper into the butt crevice.

This gives the illusion of a lifted, more toned, and plump bottom.

"And then you gotta like really fix it, and then, like, hike it up in the back a little bit and everything," she explained. "And then, it's perfect."

Halbert's quick trick is a perfect solution when your athletic shorts are too tight and you don't want to rip them.

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