I’m a mum and only look hot 1% of the time – trolls say I need to put my body away but I don’t care | The Sun

A MUM has hit back at trolls who say she needs to put her 'mum bod' away.

Laurah Fritz showed herself glammed up wearing a tight black top and mom-style shorts.

In the clip the mum posted to social media, she first wore her pyjamas and penned: "Me 99% of the time vs. the 1 night out."

But she then transitioned into a cute outfit with denim jean shorts, a white bag, and her hair in half up, half down style.

The mum's clip went viral online and while most people were supportive a few cruel trolls were lurking in the comments.

One wrote: "Not the mom jeans on a mom bod. Leave it to the teens."


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But Laurah, from the US, wasn't going to let a troll dictate what she wore.

Responding to the comment in a separate video she read the comment out loud.

"No," she replied with a thumbs up.

"I'm judging you," she captioned the clip.

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Despite the mean comment, many people took to the comments to praise the mum for her cute outfit and confidence.

The videos posted to her account @laurahfritz went viral with over 500k views and over 50k likes.

One person wrote: "I'm so confused cause you looked SO GOOD."

Another commented: "You’re literally so beautiful!!!! Cute outfit too my girl."

"They’re called mom jeans idk what they expect lol. They look good on you," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "Guess they didn't get the memo that all body types are beautiful. That aside, you look gorgeous!"

"You look great! Wear whatever you want,” claimed a fifth.

Someone else added: "People are so wild for no reason those jeans are so CUTE."

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