Millions lose their minds as woman looks completely frozen in time

Thousands of people have lost the plot as a viral video appears to show a woman “freezing” in the middle of a street.

The video posted by an unnamed TikTok account appears to show a woman paused mid-stride as cars pass by her in the foreground. After a few seconds of her standing utterly motionless, she continues her walk.

The clip has so far racked up hundreds of thousands of views since it was posted on Wednesday – but commenters are divided on just how weird the video truly is.

The man filming the video can be heard saying: “Why’s she frozen? Bruv, I’m tripping. What the f***!”

A caption over the viral video also reads: “She was like that for a minute before.”

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Many commenters were left completely baffled by the bizarre video. One viewer, Carrie Bailey, said: “The way the wind isn’t even moving her clothes or hair but it’s all just stuck completely frozen [startled emoji].”

Another added: “She disconnected for a sec.” A third also joked: “Her wifi was bad.”

Windsor__Foodie said: “Sometimes I think we’ve slipped into a different dimension.”

But there was also a very healthy dose of skepticism in the comments as well.

TikTok user Paraaurum said: “I find it really interesting that there’s hundreds of glitch videos online, but nobody has ever seen one in real life.”

@unknown1575489 NPC caught lacking #npc#malfunction ♬ original sound – uknown

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Another commentator chimed in: “Crazy how we have everything we have tech wise and everyone knows but they still fall for edits.” Lilyb4567 simply added: “It was a paused video of a video.”

Although the video has been met with skepticism, it has still racked up a whopping 468,000 likes on the social media platform.

The clip has also been shared over 8,000 times and bookmarked a further 34,000 times.

It is not the only video to cause a stir on the platform this week. A mom riled up debate as she revealed she agreed to have a baby for gifts – including a new G wagon.

The multimillionaire’s wife was blasted by TikTokers, with one saying: “Imaging having a price instead of love for a baby.” Another added: “The only thing I expected was a healthy baby during my pregnancy.”

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