I’m an interior designer – five features that make your bedroom look more expensive, and the correct amount of pillows | The Sun

AN interior designer has shared the top five ways to elevate your bedroom.

The decor expert also revealed the correct amount of pillows to have on your bed.

In her video, TikTok user Ana (@anaszumilas) explained that her simple changes can make your space instantly look more expensive.

For her first tip, she recommended adding a form of seating to your bedroom.

"Providing a place to sit other than the bed makes the room feel inviting and cozy," she told viewers.

Alternatively, she suggested adding a bench to the foot of your bed if you don't have room for a seat.

"It provides a place to sit and it adds another layer to your room," Ana said.

Next, she addressed the effect of different lighting fixtures on a room.

She explained: "Whether it’s a chandelier above the bed or wall sconces over the nightstands lighting fixtures can have such a big impact on your room.

"If installing lighting is not an option, try to add really special table lamps to your nightstand."

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Ana also revealed the best recommendation when it comes to adding pillows to your bed.

"A general rule of thumb is two or three layers of pillows, I love adding lumbar and bolster pillows to elevate the room," she said.

Finally, she shared the finishing touch for creating a tasteful high-end bedroom.

"Let’s add a signature scent to your bedroom, I tend to opt for earthly and calming candles," she told her followers.

An interior designer shared the cheap way you can instantly elevate your home.

Another decor expert revealed the common mistakes people make in their homes, including one that is considered "jailworthy."

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