Mum in hysterics over son’s epic response to PE teacher’s adorable handwritten note

A MUM was left in hysterics after reading her eight-year-old son's reply to a handwritten note their PE teacher had given them on their last day at school.

She explained her son Alfie's teacher was leaving and gave him an adorable letter on his last day at school, telling Alfie just how "amazing" it had been to teach him.

Posting to Facebook in group Family Lowdown Tips and Ideas, the mum said she was left overwhelmed by the sweet note as her son has cerebral palsy – a condition that affects movement and coordination.

She told fellow parents that she was "blown away" to hear how her son is now doing things "she never thought possible", before then revealing Alfie's hilarious reply to his teacher.

She shared a photo of the letter Alfie wrote back, which read: "Mr George, you were the best PE teacher. Thank you for helping me. Let's meet at the pub one day, Alfie."

The mum also included a snap of the teacher's original letter, where Mr George called Alfie a "superstar" and praised the "positive attitude" he brought to class every day.

"You can be anything you want when you are older but if you choose to go into sports or teaching just know that I believe in you 100 per cent and I know you will smash it," the teacher wrote.

Alongside both notes, the mum wrote: "Hi everyone, I just wanted to share this letter my son got from his PE teacher who left yesterday, my son is 8 and has cerebral palsy which for those of you who don't know what it is, he has damage to his brain and problems with muscles.

"He can only use 1 arm/hand, and can walk short distances but needs a wheelchair for long distance, I was blown away with this letter and so so proud as my son is achieving things I never thought possible."

She continued: "There was a time I was told he wouldn't ever walk or talk and here he is getting letters from his PE coach about how amazing he is.

"I have also attached my sons reply which I found hilarious and it was all his own words 'you were the best p.e teacher, thank you for helping me. Let's meet at the pub one day. Alfie'.

I was blown away with this letter and so so proud as my son is achieving things I never thought possible

"So firstly I just want to say how it really is possible for your child to achieve anything with the right determination and I also wanted to give people hope as I know how it feels to be a SEN mum and not know what the future holds and what things our children will be able to achieve.

"I will note as well that my son attends a main stream school. I think every school needs a teacher like coach George."

Thousands of fellow parents liked her post, with hundreds commenting and sharing their hopes that one day Mr George and Alfie do get to reunite at the pub.

"Absolutely love this and Alfie’s letter is just the best," said one person.

Another said: "How special would it be in 10 years to get a picture of them at the pub together," while a third agreed: "I do hope they meet at the pub let us all know."

Her post moved other mums, with one sharing: "Awwww this bought a tear to my eye. I am also a mother of a son with quadruple cp, my little boy is now a angel but I know how much this letter must have mean to you."

One more added: "Omg this made me cry. How amazing. You must be so proud of your lovely little man and what a great reply too."

Another wrote: "Love the 'let’s meet at the pub one day' Alfie is my kind of people."

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