The 5 Monday morning habits that will make you more productive and happier

AFTER a fabulous weekend – there's nothing worse than feeling the dread of Monday morning.

Whether you're thinking about bumping into that super mum on the school run (we all know one) or the full inbox of unread emails you have to tackle -there are some things you to make Monday's a little more bearable.

The lifestyle created by the Covid pandemic has made it all too easy for us tol roll out of our beds just a few minutes before we log on in the morning.

But that means we aren't setting ourselves up correctly for the day and experts say there are some things we can do to make Mondays more productive and happier.

Kiran Bhondi, founder of wellness-focused start- OsenaLondon explained: "It’s crucial to create as much time in the morning for yourself, to set you up for a day without stress, as this can cause both mental and physical damage to the body."

With that in mind, here's five Monday habits to help you get into the swing of a new week.

1. Curb screen time

That means not looking at emails or your phone for certain periods of time.

Kiran said: "As tempting as it is to catch up on any notifications you missed overnight (probably not actually that many), it’s important you reduce screen time wherever possible, otherwise you’ll find yourself at the hands of demands from other people, which can be really stressful when you’ve not had some you time."

Neuropsychologist Sanam Hafeez also told HuffPost that scrolling through social media would be a waste of your time – time where you could be doing more productive things.

By moving away from social media and not getting stuck into your emails first thing – you're not allowing other people's demands to dictate how your week starts.

2. Get up and move

If you've had a heavy weekend, then exercise might be the last thing on your mind.

But Kiran said squeezing in a little bit of exercise – especially outdoors, could set you up on the right path for the day.

He explained: "It can be hard to find motivation to get outside in the morning, particularly if the weather is miserable.

"However, many studies have in fact proven that proximity to greenspace has been associated with lower levels of stress.

"If you’re not one for running, just a walk will do; perhaps listen to a feel-good podcast along the way or enjoy the sounds of nature, even if it’s with an umbrella."

3. Be grateful

As we rush around, it's easy to forget how lucky we are.

Kim Strobel, a happiness coach and founder of Strobel Education said you can try writing down three things that you are grateful for.

This she says, will help guide our thoughts in the right direction, she also said you could write in your diary first thing as a way of offloading.

Kiran added: "Us humans are terrible at noticing and appreciating what we have and instead look ahead to what we want, which can be an unconscious yet stressful underlying activity for the brain.

"Some people like to journal three things they’re thankful for, others just like to simply sit and think about what makes them grateful.

"It’s whatever works for you and, most importantly, what will stick in your routine."

4. Make your bed

A clean and tidy home can make for a clean and tidy mind and all the experts agree that making your bed is a great way to start your day off in a productive way.

Hafeez said: "Treat it as your first ‘to-do’ of the day and feel how satisfied you are after accomplishing something so early in the morning.”

Kiran added: "Cluttered space can have a negative effect on our stress and anxiety levels, as well as our ability to focus, our eating choices, and even our sleep – not a great way to start the day eh?

"Have a quick tidy-up of your desk and be sure to make your bed; that way you have reset for the day ahead and it makes it easier when it comes to bedtime too."

5. Plan ahead

Planning ahead can be key to starting your week off right and if you know you don't like Mondays then this can be helpful.

Kiran said: "Planning the night before means that you remove some of the decision-making from the next day, which can help to reduce feelings of stress when you wake up.

"By making your morning routine as simple as possible, you’ll actually be more likely to stick to it as well."

Strobel added that it's important to give your brain and body cues when it comes to what you expect from a Monday.

For example, if you know getting out for a walk is going to make you feel good, make sure you set out your clothes the night before so you're not scrambling around for them and getting stressed out.

Strobel added: "Pick one habit, and you’re going to set yourself physical cues so that your brain gets cues that say this is who you are, and this is how you show up for yourself."

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