My beloved fluffy dog went to the groomer but came back looking like Andy Warhol – I was fuming | The Sun

WHEN TikToker Natalie took her furry best friend to get a groom and trim, she walked away with a shock.

Her formerly fluffy white dog was left with a full set of bangs, with many comparing the dog to artist Andy Warhol.

In the viral video, Natalie shared some before photos of her precious dog Bolonka.

The gorgeous fluffy white dog was seen cuddling his owner and posing in a photo before his haircut.

Natalie said: "I'm not gonna name the place where he got his haircut from… not happy with it."

The video of Bolonka after the nightmare trim showed the formerly long haired pup shaved down to his skin, but with his head still donning the white fluff.


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The groomer left his hair long on the top, and it's gotten nearly 9million views.

One viewer joked: "It looks like Edna from the Incredibles."

Another piped in: "Sia, is that you?"

A follower said: "He looks like Danny Devito in the white wig."

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Many viewers of the viral video said little Bolonka looked like artist Andy Warhol, who was known for his crazy white hair.

Natalie has taken the jokes in stride, and has found most of them funny.

Another dog owner was in stitches after her precious dog Scout was left looking like a "raw chicken" following a grooming mishap.

TikTok user Sarah posted a video about the hilarious mishap, giving a before and after view of her Goldendoodle, Scout.

His bouncy curls had been cut back almost to the skin, and he looked like he had been given a canine buzzcut.

One social media user wrote that he looked like he came "straight out of Resident Evil", referencing a popular zombie-based video game.

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