The genius way to find out how long make-up has been sitting on the shelves in Poundland & why it’s essential you know | The Sun

HAVE you ever looked at the branded make-up hanging up in Poundland and wondered just how long it's been sitting there for?

Well, one bargain hunter has revealed there's a quick and easy way to tell.

"This is how you check how old Poundland make-up is," Holly began her TikTok video.

"Go to on your phone and locate the product code on your make-up."

She demonstrated with a Rimmel foundation, which had the code 6319 on the back.

Holly then inputted the brand name and product code into the website, and it told her just how old it was.

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In this case, she discovered that the foundation in question was actually made four years ago.

"There's a reason that it's a pound…" one person commented on the video.

As another added: "I think we all needed to see this!"

"This is so amazing, can’t believe I’ve never thought of this thanks so much," a third commented.

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Most people are aware that make-up products have an expiry date once they're opened – with the number of months it's safe to use for clearly indicated on the back.

But unopened make-up also has an expiry date – albeit not an official one.

"Generally, if properly stored in a cool, dry place, most unopened and completely sealed make-up should last for 2 to 3 years," the pros at Healthline explained.

"All preservatives in make-up do break down over time, even if the product is unopened, so you should never keep any product for more than 3 years."

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