David Bowie's Son Duncan Jones Says Dad Is Still 'Clearly Loved by So Many' 5 Years After Death

David Bowie's son Duncan Jones is honoring his late dad five years after the icon's death.

In a heartfelt tribute he shared on Twitter Sunday, Jones, 49, wrote: "Today marks 5 years since dad died. We are all a little sad, coping individually in our own ways. But it's both remarkable & delightful that dad is still so clearly loved by so many. Yes, he's missed… but with so much of 'him' in the work he made, he's clearly still here ❤️."

Many Twitter users shared their support and adoration for the music icon. "We love him so much. Can't describe what an impact he had on my life, and still does daily," one person wrote. "I am so sorry for your loss and happy he lives on through his work and you ❤️," added another.

"He was a gift to so many," a third person tweeted. "Thank you for sharing him with us." "Wow. It doesn't seem possible that it's been so long," someone else shared. "All the best to you and your family. I know beyond a doubt, his memory is a blessing."

A rep for Jones did not immediately respond to PEOPLE's request for comment.

Bowie's wife, supermodel Iman (née Zara Mohamed Abdulmajid), began paying tribute to her late husband (né David Robert Jones) on Thursday (one day ahead of what would have been his 74th birthday) by sharing a series of photos on Instagram through the weekend.

One snapshot featured a heartwarming black and white photo of the pair, in which Bowie gave his wife a sweet smooch as they stood under an umbrella. "Forehead kisses are kisses meant for the soul #EternalLove #BowieForever," she captioned her post. Serena Williams was among those to like the Instagram photo.

Many commented and shared their sentiments on her post as well. "Twin flames love never dies.." one person, who shared a similar experience as Iman, began. "Lost my twin flame to cancer in 2019..🔥❤️." "You can feel the love emanating from this picture. So lovely. ❤️," another observed. "Sending you so so much love," a third chimed in. "I know David is with you always. I rlly [sic] admire your strength and it's so so inspiring 💗."

Iman, 65, recently revealed that she plans to remain Bowie's wife forever. "David is in our hearts and minds on a daily basis, for all of us," the fashion icon told Harper's Bazaar UK for her February 2021 cover story. "You know, this was my true love. My daughter once asked me if I would ever marry again and I said, 'Never.'"

She continued about the love of her life: "It was a really everyday marriage. He was a very funny, warm gentleman. Everyone talks about him being futuristic, but no, he was not. He liked more than anything to wear a three-piece suit. It was a beautiful, ordinary life and that was what was great about it. We could live in New York, pick up our daughter from school, walk everywhere… You know, I wish we had more years."

Iman is mom to 20-year-old daughter Alexandria Zahra Jones, whom she shared with Bowie. The pair were married from 1992 until his death in 2016. He died of cancer on Jan. 10 of that year. Bowie was 69 at the time of his death and would have turned 74 on Friday.

Angie Bowie, who was married to David from 1970 to 1980 is mom to his elder son Jones.

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