Airline hires pet psychic to find ’emotional support’ cat lost in transit

Executives at Bolivia’s state airline BOA hired an animal psychic to help track down a missing animal lost in transit.

Andrea Iturre flew from Tarija in southern Bolivia to the South American country’s largest city, Santa Cruz, on December 8.

She was disappointed to have to place her cat Tito in the hold because she regards him as her emotional support animal but she reluctantly did so. She hasn’t seen the cat since.

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Andrea explained: "As soon as I arrived in Santa Cruz, waiting for my luggage, I almost died when I received my cat box empty without any explanation.

“After a few minutes a BOA agent just appeared to tell me that they lost him in Tarija and they didn't even deign to tell me before flying. By the time I found out I was already in Santa Cruz, many hours later.

“I begged her to call Tarija but she informed me that there was no one working at the airport – by this time it was 2am.”

She told told an interviewer on local news show Buena Noche de Opinión Bolivia: “My plan was to go to Santa Cruz where I planned to have him chipped and certify him as a therapeutic cat because he even talked about him with my psychologist and she knows it's important.

“This isn't Tito's first trip. I took him everywhere.”

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Andrea told Bolivian media the airline abandoned the search aft Tito after a week – though it did agree to pay her costs while she stayed in Tarija looking for him.

And now BOA has enlisted an “interspecies communicator” – or animal psychic – to help track down the missing pet.

The psychic, who is based in the capital La Paz, has been in touch with Andrea by WhatsApp and told her that they have sensed that Tito is still alive – but there are no further details on where he might be.

The airline, already the target of much criticism ion Bolivia, has been widely mocked online. Although one Twitter user conceded: “If the animal psychic actually finds Tito the cat, I’ll eat my Tweets about the genius behind the idea.”


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