Musician who played with Barbra Streisand has seen 'UFO mummies'

EXCLUSIVE: I’ve handled the Mexican ‘UFO mummies’ that set the world alight last month – I don’t think they’re aliens, I think they’re something much SCARIER

  • Mummy heads have ‘remarkable similarity’ to alpaca skulls
  • But musician Will Galison doesn’t believe they are a deliberate hoax
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A UFO enthusiast who has seen two supposed ‘alien’ mummies up close has revealed they are probably not ETs – but something perhaps even scarier.

The miniature corpses were presented in Mexico last month by Jaime Maussan, a controversial journalist who has previously made debunked claims of finding aliens and claims they are extraterrestrial.

But ufologist Will Galison – a close friend of the archaeologist who first analyzed the supposed ‘aliens’ – said he believes the ‘corpses’ are dummies that are 1,000 years old – but ge does not think they are a hoax.

He said they may have been made from animal remains a millennia ago possibly for ritual purposes, with the heads bearing a ‘remarkable similarity’ to alpaca skulls. 

Galison saw the mummies in 2017 in Peru long before Maussan’s presentation, and had traveled to see them initially because he believed they might be extraterrestrial remains.

Will Galison is friends with Thierry Jarmin, the French archaeologist who was allegedly given the mummies by a tomb robber (Nub TV) 

The alleged ‘aliens’ were shown off in Mexico by controversial journalist Jaime Maussan 

Gallison said in a documentary interview with UFO TV show Nub TV that he visited Peru twice and even took a cast of one of the mummy ‘heads’.

He said, ‘I’m friendly with the French archaeologist Thierry Jarmin, who is a person who is not mentioned as much as he should be. 

‘He received these mummies in 2016 from a tomb robber. Thierry was very surprised and quite upset by Jaime Maussan’s press conference.’

Maussan claimed in the press conference in September: ‘This is the first time extraterrestrial life is presented in such a form and I think there is a clear demonstration that we are dealing with non-human specimens that are not related to any other species in our world and that any scientific institution can investigate it. We are not alone.’

NASA contractor to study Mexico’s ‘alien corpses’ 

Gallison said that he now no longer believes that the mummies ‘came down in a flying saucer’ – but believes they were constructed a long time ago, for unknown reasons.

The mummies appear to be constructed from a mixture of animal and human bones, the says.  

He said in the documentary: ‘They found one bone in the arm of one of the mummies that clearly was not the organic bone that was there. So that raises the question, is the rest of it fake?

In Maussan’s presentation, a doctor claimed that an MRI scan showed that the skeletons were ‘complete’, but most scientists were convinced the remains were a hoax – with previous similar remains having turned out to be mutilated mummies of pre-Hispanic children, sometimes combined with bits of animal parts. 

‘My thinking shifted when I was up in the friend’s house in the country, north of New York. And I saw a deer skull on the mantel and the back of that deer skull, to my mind, resembled the front of this of this skull and I thought, “Oh wow”’

The mummies are to undergo tests, Maussan claimed 

The Nub TV show blends music and UFO discussions (Nub TV) 

He said that there is a ‘remarkable similarity’ between the heads of the alleged aliens and alpaca skulls. 

He also pointed out that the eggs inside the mummies, which Maussan highlighted as proving their non-human origin ‘look like reptilian eggs’ – although it’s less clear why their creators put eggs within the bodies.

He says in the documentary, ‘It was obviously put together – the question is was it put together in 2015 to sell to Thiery, or was it made 1,000 years ago?’

‘I do not think that they flew down in saucer and landed on Earth recently, or even 1000 years ago, because a CT scan showed another thing according to some of the doctors that examined these things: the leg bones on these things were suffering from osteoporosis.’

He said that he was initially ‘really invested in these things being real’, and has since seen similar mummies in Peru which are not as widely known.

He remains curious as to why an Incan culture 1,000 years ago would have made such creatures – including going to the lengths of putting eggs inside them which could only be seen via X-ray.

He says that he still wonders whether the mummies were a recreation of some form of being that the Incans had encountered.

Mark Christopher Lee, the presenter of Nub TV, who interviewed Gallison, said: ‘Will has been to Peru and examined the mummies as close friends with Thierry and they have discussed them for many hours. Thierry is not very happy about Jamie Maussen’s press conference in Mexico.

‘Will examined them and he suggests that maybe the Incans made them to venerate – possibly as their Gods or ancestors – why make them in that image?

‘Jamie Maussan as well as being under investigation for bringing these artefacts out of Peru to Mexico – has a notorious track record of making false claims etc.’

Maussan told politicians that the strange little corpses, which were displayed in satin-lined makeshift coffins, had been found in the city of Cusco, Peru, in 2017.

Maussan also testified under oath that almost a third of their DNA was ‘unknown’ and the specimens were not part of ‘our terrestrial evolution’.

Lee’s TV show, Nub TV, mixes music and paranormal discussions – and revealed recently that Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb believes that aliens could visit earth in the form of AI drones, and might feel ‘kinship’ with AI systems on Earth.

Nub TV was inspired by Arthur C Clarke’s Mysterious World in the 70s, Steel said. ‘I like to take UFOs and other phenomena from a slightly sceptical scientific approach – but looking at them with an open mind.

‘Because I’m a musician, we tend to mix it up with music, so it’s been described as a mix of Wayne’s World and The X-Files!’

Nub TV is on Tubi and, and the interview with Gallison will air later this month.

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