Mystery as three orange orbs hover over New York in ‘triangular formation’

Baffling footage has captured three “orbs” moving in what appears to be a triangular formation over New York City.

The video, taken on January 16 above the Bronx in the US city, shows the trio of strange lights floating across the night sky.

They appear to turn an orange colour, as the cameraman exclaims: “They’re flying next to each other and look like stars. It’s a triangle, I don’t know what it is.”

He asks other people on the street what they are but, like him, they have no clue.

Since being shared to YouTube, the video has sparked a flurry of suggestions from the conspiracy world.

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“I'm going to say more than one orb or scout ship ‘mimicking’ a triangle,” one wrote.

Another discounted claims they could simply be Chinese lanterns, saying: “Surely lanterns would've gone out by the time they were at that altitude?”

A third bizarrely said: “Trump was using alien aircraft to spy on the election.”

And others suggested the craft was actually the infamous TR-3B spy plane – a supposed black project craft developed by the United States Air Force with a triangle appearance.

It is said to be a supersonic stealth spy plane with a triangular design.

Of course, a more plausible explanation could be they are simply drones.

But it is just the latest in a long history of “triangular craft” sightings being filmed over the US.

Back in October, a similar shape was filmed above Michigan in what some claimed was a “message from the stars”.

And a gigantic triangular UFO was supposedly spotted above Texas at the beginning of 2020.

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