NASA lying about Mars rock towers – they’re remnants of crashed UFO says Geller

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A furious Uri Geller has claimed NASA is lying about the twisted rock towers found on Mars – believing instead they are remnants of a crashed UFO.

The celeb spoon bender says he is angry about the space agency’s claims because “any logical person” can tell the towers are not rocks.

The self-proclaimed psychic – famed for appearing to bend cutlery with his mind on the telly – added that NASA has plenty of footage showing crashed UFOs on Mars.

Instead of the official explanation, Geller instead says he believes the red twisty structures were once an internal part of a meticulously designed UFO.

The 77-year-old said: “For decades, I’ve believed that aliens on the red planet in a UFO – or maybe more than one – have crashed.

“To me, this piece of rock looks like a breakaway from a UFO – it’s definitely not natural or Mars-made.

“I think it’s something internal because a spacecraft is a large object and when it crashes, it would spray all around.

“You have to look at the pictures and just ask yourself, ‘come on, do these look like rocks?’

“Any rational person, any logical person would tell you it can’t be a rock and is a twisted wreckage of something.

“I really don’t believe it’s what NASA said.”

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The surprising discovery was made by NASA’s Curiosity Rover in May thiis year, though it is currently unknown how tall, old or sturdy the supposed Martian towers are.

Astronomers have claimed they are part of a larger rock structure that has eroded away over the years.

Uri predicted at the time that the doorway was carved by aliens with a laser beam.

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