Only people with the best eyesight can spot the royal LGBTQ couple

Last night the eagerly anticipated film Red, White, and Royal Blue was released on Amazon Prime Video.

The film follows a romance between two young men. One is the son of the President of the USA whilst the other is a member of the Royal Family.

Starring Taylor Zakhar Zakhar Perez as Alex and Nicholas Galitzine as Prince Henry, the film follows as they move from a truce to something more romantic.

To celebrate the release of the film, has created an LGBTQ+ Royal Family brainteaser.

Your task is to spot the royal couple in under 10 seconds.

Did you spot the groom and groom? No worries if not, one of them is in the far left tower whilst the other is further along on the right of the image.

The pair are hidden in a street scene filled with cars, apartments, and other residents. There’s even an electric car rivalling Porsche driving past in the street below.

The film has been given a positive review by

Andy Lea has given it four stars out of five. He wrote: “If you’ve had enough of fraught romances involving a British prince, an American outsider and the tabloid press, this breezy adaptation of Casey McQuiston’s best-selling novel could sound like a non-starter.

“For two hours, Tony Award-winning playwright-turned-filmmaker Matthew Lopez whisks us off to a much-improved version of the real world.

“The garish soap opera-style lighting won’t win many hearts. But the chemistry between the two leads and Lopez’s witty dialogue provide plenty of sparks.”

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