Only those with razor-sharp eyes can spot the egg among the cakes in 17 seconds

Brainteasers are a fun way to keep the mind sharp and this one is one of the tougher ones we’ve seen for a while. 

Ahead of The Great British Bake Off, which is back for a new series later this month, a fun mind-twister has been put together by Replay Poker which challenges you to spot an egg hidden among some delicious baked goods. 

In the mind-boggling puzzle, you can see a number of food items such as cupcakes, milk, doughnuts and flour along with cooking items like a rolling pan and cooking gloves. 

Among them is an egg which is hidden somewhere between the goods and you need to find it as quickly as you can.

We reckon it’s pretty impressive if you manage it in under 17 seconds. 

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Did you manage to spot the egg? If not, don’t worry we have shown you where it is above. 

Brainteasers challenge your brain and stimulate cognitive functions such as critical thinking, problem-solving, logical reasoning, and creative thinking. 

Engaging in these activities regularly can help keep your mind sharp and improve cognitive abilities.

If you want to try some more brainteasers click here for a picnic-themed puzzle. 

Another one asks people to spot all the hidden animals in a picture as quickly as possible. 

And a third challenges people to spot the only car in the picture to have its headlights on. 

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