Robots to replace car salesmen with AI ‘able to flog vehicles in 22 languages’

Bots can flog used motors faster than Arthur Daley, boffins claim.

AI salesman are set to take over the car industry within 18 months leaving human wheeler-dealers like Arthur from TV’s Minder on the scrapheap.

The robot sellers will be able to copy car dealers’ patter in 22 languages.

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They will know every detail of the motor they are flogging, can write their own arm-twisting sales patter and never want a day off nor demand more commission.

Swedish tech giant Phyron is already deploying artificial intelligence voiceovers in online motor sales videos.

The company reckons its bots already flog cars up to five days quicker than human salesmen.

The firm’s chief executive officer and co-founder Johan Sundstrand said: "We know the automotive retail market is more competitive now than ever before.

"In this environment anything that gives your business a competitive edge and increases efficiency should be welcomed.

"AI-powered videos have proven to sell cars three to five days faster and the addition of AI-powered voiceover will only increase impact and efficiency.

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"It’s only a matter of time before the technology advances to a point where the likes of ChatGPT can get very close to how a salesperson sells cars offline.

"We think this could be as soon as 2025 based on the current speed of AI development and adoption."

Bosses claim the speed at which self-learning software is developing and being embraced by retailers’ means a fully competent AI-powered sales bot’ is just 18 months away.

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Currently the company can deploy four male and four female AI voices in each language with chatbots `specially trained and fine-tuned for the automotive retail sector’.

They can sound just like Arthur mimicking the lilting tones of late actor George Cole who played the cigar-smoking wide boy in ITV’s smash hit comedy drama for 15 years.

A Phyron spokesman said: "Every characteristic of the voiceover can be adjusted, including the pitch, tone, speed, voice equalizer and the music gain.

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"Dealers looking to sell more vehicles faster can leverage the power of AI and take full control of the custom templates at a customer, campaign or product level.

"Every variable in the data feed can be utilised to make an engaging voiceover to accompany the video including the intro, outros, the `why us’ and the crucial call-to-action sections."

The bots write their own sales patter combining information from existing car ads and manufacturers’ technical data.

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Human salesmen are no longer needed to shoot videos for motor trading websites.

Across Europe 100,000 cars currently carry a bot-made Phyron video in online ads.

As AI technology advances experts predict humans will be phased out of the car sales business altogether.

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