Tradie casually puffs on cigarette as highly-venomous snake wraps around legs

It was a normal day at work for Ayla Manson until she noticed one of the deadliest snakes in the world decided to pay her a visit.

While taking a cigarette break from her job at Harrison’s Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher in Queensland, Australia, the venomous snake started making its way underneath her legs.

By the time she noticed the Eastern Brown Snake it was far too late make a quick dart to safety, instead deciding to keep deadly still.

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The tense moment was captured on film by her colleague, reports the Mail.

The serpent had been spotted earlier in the day after it was captured from under a fridge and then released into the wild.

But, as the deadly serpent could be seen making its way under her legs Ayla was the picture of calm as she kept her nerve.

She said part of the reason for keeping calm was that snakes, even the deadliest sort, don't naturally act aggressively and tend to only do so when they're scared by humans.

The footage was shared on social media to spread awareness about how to act in a similar situation should it happen to you, said the company's co-owner.

She told the Brisbane Times: "We already knew the personality of the snake was chill that day.

"I knew in that moment, the safest thing was to stay still.

"Had I panicked and gotten up, it would have tried to defend itself and I would have been at risk of a bite."

This comes after a snake was filmed leaping off a rooftop in Moreton Bay, Australia, scaring people so much that some said they'd never leave their homes again.

The serpent could be seen at the edge of the roof looking as if it was about to fall over the side but instead decided to leap into a nearby bush.


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