Amazing railway home converted from real train carriage on sale for £228k

Someone may want to notify Francis Bourgeois about this incredible home, as it’d make the perfect abode for any keen trainspotter.

From the outside it looks like a regular train carriage on a disused railway, but inside it’s a fully-furnished living space.

On the market for £228,246 ($305,000), the bright blue carriage is parked on a small section of an old railway in Jacksonville, Florida, in a gated area under the Hart Expressway Bridge.

Erected in 2006, it measures 880 square feet and includes central air, central heating, and two parking spots for cars.

The two-bedroom home comes fully equipped with a fitted kitchen, bathroom, dining area, and lounge, and the kitchen has all the appliances you’d expect, including two fridges, a microwave and stove.

Despite the narrow interior, there’s plenty of storage space. The rooms have been optimised to be lived in with features like a linen closet, and lamps and televisions fixed to the walls.

Carriage windows look out onto the former railway and surrounding area, keeping the interior bright and airy.

Practical bits aside, the revamped coach has retained parts of its former glamour, with old-fashioned light fixtures and original detailing throughout.

Outside is an outdoor deck with grill and wash station, where you can spend evenings watching the world go by – even if the trains themselves are stationary.

As for the location, you are under a busy road, but very close to the Jacksonville’s bustling downtown district. It’s also on the doorstep of the city’s Jaguars stadium, which agents say makes it an ‘ideal location for a great tailgate and pregame Jaguar game day experience.

The space can be used as a condo or an office, and the listing describes it as a ‘unique and charming hidden gem’.

You can check it out here.

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