BBC Breakfast host grills guest over safety of female TV hosts in Afghan ‘No safety net’

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Sunday’s BBC Breakfast saw hosts Ben Thompson and Sima Kotecha speak with Saad Mohseni, the chair of Afghanistan’s most popular TV channel, TOLO TV. It comes after it was reported that thousands of people have been waiting outside Kabul airport in attempts to get out of the country since the Taliban took control of the city last weekend.  Thompson began by quizzing the TV boss on what it has been like for his staff, as Mohseni admitted he has given his employees the choice of whether they want to stay in Afghanistan and work. However, the interview soon took a turn when Thompson spoke about the safety of the female TV presenters currently still working.

“With your staff there still on the ground,” Thompson began. “I am just wondering what precautions you are taking on what you are able to show and also what you are able to report in terms of logistics about whereabouts and who your staff are on the ground?”

Mohseni replied: “Some people have decided that it is no longer safe for them, and we respect that and we help them, in terms of documentation and flights.

“But a lot of others are staying in Afghanistan to work at our facility in Kabul. It’s a strange time to be reporting on events in the country.”

More to follow….

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