Coronation Street fans slam dead characters haunting Stephen Reid

Coronation Street: Iain MacLeod on Stephen ‘meeting his fate’

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On Thursday’s episode of Coronation Street, Stephen Reid (played by Todd Boyce) got a taste of his own medicine when he drank the spiked cup of tea intended for Carla Connor (Alison King). As the Canadian businessman started to feel the effects of the drugs, familiar faces from his past came back to haunt him.

Over the past few weeks, Stephen has been putting LSD into Carla’s tea in a bid to make her look incompetent to her colleagues.

Trying to take over her business, the serial killer has been drugging the Underworld boss, although it all backfired on Thursday night.

Before the big Nippersnapper presentation, Sarah (Tina O’Brien), Carla and Stephen had a meeting where it became apparent the boss hadn’t drunk from the cup with the drugs in.

As Stephen was unsure whether or not it was him or his niece, Sarah, who had had the drugged drink, it became clear when he took to the stage that he’d accidentally drugged himself.

With the drugs starting to take effect, Sarah’s face “melted” and his vision became blurred before he saw multiple faces of his murder victims Leo Thompkins (Joe Frost) ) and his dad Teddy (Grant Burgin).

Seeing the two men he’d secretly killed over the past few months, it all became too much for him as he ran into his hotel room to hide.

Although the hauntings didn’t stop there as he continued to see Teddy and Leo in the room along with having flashbacks of how they died.

Ridden with guilt over what he’d done, Stephen crawled into a ball as he repeatedly shouted how sorry he was for his crimes.

However, Coronation Street viewers were less than impressed with the unexpected appearance of the two dead characters as many found the whole episode a joke.

ProRoyalFamily said: “What’s happening? #Corrie”

mishybabez_ commented: “Seeing Teddy and Leo in Stephen’s LSD trip was weird.”

PrithaBardhan added: “Who else is laughing out loud at Steven’s ridiculous far-fetched Leo & Teddy hallucinations.”

KimberleyW1983 tweeted: “This episode of #corrie is unintentionally HILARIOUS”

MatthewMitt6 swiped: “F***in hell that was genuinely hilarious and that sketch of Leo #corrie”

MatthewMitt6 commented: “That was hilariously stupid”

With Stephen now feeling the effects of the drugs he’s been using on Carla and the intensity of them, could he now see the error of his ways?

Actor Todd Boyce touched on whether or not his character has murderous intentions with lacing Carla’s tea.

He said: “This is not a premeditated plan to kill someone, this is to get her out of the way of the business.

“He knows there are some machinists with shares in the company, and he just needs to mobilise them and make them think she is not capable of doing the job.

“It’s pretty ingenious, and Carla has annoyed him so much that he doesn’t care what it is going to do to her.

“It is a relatively short-term plan to start with, just to sow the seed of doubt with everyone. He plans to do it over a period of time so it looks like she is having real problems.”

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