Coronation Street viewers ‘work out’ newcomer’s future on Cobbles

Samia walks along the Coronation Street cobbles in the rain

Coronation Street’s Paul Foreman (played by Peter Ash) planned and attended Shelly Rossington’s (Natalie Amber) funeral, but fans were adamant they worked out the future for her brother Kieran who appeared tonight.

Waiting outside the Shuttleworths, Shelly’s carer arrived and said: “Hiya Paul, thank you for organising everything.”

Forcing a smile, Paul said: “No problem, it is the least I could do. I’m a bit nervous if I am honest. Shelly wanted me to do it, I don’t want her looking down calling me a wuss.”

As the group shared a small laugh, an anonymous man walked over and abruptly quipped: “Can we get a shift on? I need a lift as well.”

Noting his arrival, the carer explained: “Don’t worry you in the car with us. Paul this is Kieran, Shelly’s brother. Paul and Shelly were mates in the MND support group.”

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At the church, Paul stood to reach a speech for Shelly, but Kieran found an issue with the role and piped up: “Hang on?

“Why is he doing it? Should be a family member doing it. I’m her brother and no idea who this fella is.”

Paul snapped: “Yeah well you would do if you had spent some time with her before she died,” leaving Kieran to nervously note: “I did, I saw her.”

Angry, Paul shouted: “Rubbish, you ignored her and left her to die alone,” before the pair entered into a physical fight and left Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) with an elbow to the face.

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After being pulled apart Todd Grimshaw (Gareth Pierce) expressed: “You need to leave.”

As Kieran circled Paul, he sniped: “Have a nice life, what’s left of it,” before George Shuttleworth (Tony Maudsley) escorted him out.

Despite leaving, many fans thought this wasn’t the last they had seen of Kieran and took to their X, formerly known as Twitter, accounts and theorise.

@ElvisyGary commented: “Shelley’s brother looking dodgy. I’ll bet he’s gonna become a regular character #Corrie.”

@tmoraitauthor added: “What’s Shelly’s brother’s problem with Paul, exactly? #Corrie.”

@Gemma42981517 asked: “Why is Shelly’s brother so mad? What’s his problem #corrie.”

Jon Tambo said: “Can bet Kieran is going to cause more agg for Paul and Billy… we haven’t seen the last of him for sure.”

Annie Hall expressed: “Have a feeling Kieran is going to make a return… even a small one but we will 100 percent see him again!” (sic)

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV and ITVX.

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