Could Gabby Thomas be pregnant in Emmerdale?

Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) has been secretly getting down and dirty with new nanny Nicky (Lewis Cope) in Emmerdale recently, unbeknown to Home Farm matriarch Kim Tate (Claire King).

Though Gabby worries that Nicky is only in it for the sex, she realises he really cares when he looks after her through a bout of nausea.

But what has caused it?

With things between the pair moving at rapid speed, it is only a matter of time before Kim finds out what’s been going on behind her back…

What is Gabby’s storyline?

Gabby is currently embroiled in a steamy secret relationship with nanny Nicky, which began when she fired him so that they could have sex.

Nicky was understandably hurt by her intentions, but soon realised that he really did want to be with her, and the pair slept together.

With his job reinstated, they decided to conduct a secret relationship behind the backs of the rest of the Home Farm employees and residents, which has so far remained in the dark.

After undergoing a performance review with Kim, Nicky was offered a permanent position, and eagerly accepted.

With Nicky sticking around, the couple celebrate with a moment of passion in the kitchen.

However, it will soon become clear that they are not alone, as Caleb catches them in the act.

He walks in and catches them being overly friendly with each other, I think they might be kissing at that point or something like that in the kitchen and he walks in and that’s where it’s left and it’s like this has completely blown all cover.’ Actress Rosie Bentham explained.

‘Gabby says to him “This is what it seems but please don’t tell Kim.”

‘To win him over she says “You’re trying to get in on this business and it’s also my business so you’d better keep me sweet as well.”

‘She does a really good job of deflecting it and turning it around and fingers crossed Caleb doesn’t spill it because they’re not ready to tell Kim yet.’

Will Caleb keep his mouth shut, or is Kim set to find out?

Could Gabby be pregnant?

Last night’s (March 29) instalment of the ITV soap saw Gabby struck with sudden nausea, leaving people wondering what the cause may be.

While she believed that it was the result of some dodgy seafood chowder she had eaten the night before, it has crossed our minds that it may be something else entirely.

With all the passionate alone time the pair have been having, could Gabby actually be pregnant?

Nicky made it clear that he was desperate to look after her, so could he also be suspecting that Gabby has a baby on the way?

This would not be Gabby’s first child, as she already has baby Thomas, who was fathered by Kim’s son Jamie Tate.

Will Gabby and Nicky get married?

In upcoming scenes, Nicky is set to propose to Gabby in order to prove to a furious Kim, who has just found out about the relationship, that he is serious about it.

Gabby is thrilled to accept the proposal, but will they make it as far as the altar?

Rosie Bentham hopes so, though she is also in the dark about the outcome of the story.

‘The big Emmerdale wedding would be a dream.’ She revealed. ‘It would be so nice to get all made up and get hair and makeup done and see everyone.

‘I feel soap weddings are a really nice time for everyone because casts can connect with other people and it properly feels like a family. It’s really nice, like Sam Giles [who plays Bernice] would think “My daughter’s getting married.”

‘Hopefully it might be a summer wedding which always makes it a lot nicer. But who knows? I actually genuinely don’t know.’

Who plays Gabby and when did she join?

Gabby is played by Rosie Bentham, who joined the show in 2016.

She took over from previous actress Annelise Manojlovic, who had played the role since 2001.

During her time on the soap, Rosie has been involved in some of Gabby’s biggest storylines, including the one night stand with Jamie Tate that led to her pregnancy.

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