Hamza Yassin’s Strictly success partly due to hidden condition

Strictly: Hamza Yassin on being 'up close' for Argentine Tango

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The wildlife cameraman has wowed the judges each week on this year’s BBC staple Strictly Come Dancing and is delighted to have made it to the very last show. Speaking to Express.co.uk and other media, Hamza opened up about how he interprets the music differently while performing and how a learning difficulty he lives with actually helps him to dance better.

Hamza has graced the dancefloor each week and judges have noted his impressive hip movement.

“Each week is a new dance,” he remarked. “And it feels like you’re back at square one again.

“You’re learning a different hold or a different feeling and for some of it, you kind of have to act the dances.

“So confidence, for me… I’m certainly out of my comfort zone.

“If you put me in front of a lion charging me with a camera I’m like, ‘Cool.’

“I know what that’s going to do and I am confident with that, whereas here I’m in clothes that I would never normally wear, I’m doing stuff that I wouldn’t normally do.

“And I don’t hear the music, believe it or not, I actually feel the music.”

Addressing a condition which has actually aided him to perfect the skill, he added: “So for me, confidence is a tough thing, but I feel that my dyslexia helps me out with my dancing.”

While discussing how Jowita pushes Hamza to consistently improve, the dancer admitted: “I think sometimes while doing the routines I’d think maybe it’s too much… maybe I crossed a line.

“Then I’m like, ‘No,’ and on Monday morning I show him the steps and he always knows what’s going to happen and I’m like, ‘You’ll be fine,’ and of course he is fine!”

Turning to Hamza, the Polish ballroom dancer added: “I think you’re capable of doing anything.

“And I think that the more that I’ve seen him, the more I’m like he’s going to go for it.”

She later confessed: “I don’t play it safe.”

Paying tribute to his partner, Hamza described what it would mean to win.

Sounding emotional, he declared: “For me, it’s sharing the stage with this amazing woman.

“Knowing what she has been through and what I have been through in my lifetime…

“It would be a dream come true, an absolute dream come true.

“It would be the icing on the cake. It would be Christmas, Easter…

“I can’t give her anything in life that she can’t get herself, the only thing I can do is my best on the dancefloor.”

Strictly Come Dancing continues for the final on Saturday at 7.05pm on BBC One.

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