Is The Syndicate based on a true story?

THE Syndicate has had viewers gripped since the first series hit our screens back in 2012.

With it's tale of a group of co-workers winning the lottery together, fans are often left wondering if the BBC series is real or not.

Is The Syndicate based on a true story?

Each series of The Syndicate tells a different story about a different group of people winning the jackpot and how it affects their lives.

Although the story does ring true for some lottery syndicates, the series isn't based on a real-life story.

The show is created and written by gritty drama writer Kay Mellor.

Over the years, there have been many stories of a lottery syndicates going wrong and devastating the lives of those involved.

In 2013 The Sun revealed how staff at the DVLA were battling over a £1million lottery win – just like the characters on season 1 of The Syndicate.

The 16 civil servants each pocketed £62,500 after their syndicate
came up trumps on the EuroMillions raffle.

But insiders at the giant Government office told us at the time they were squabbling over the cash because three members didn’t pay up.

It mirrored the plot of the first series of The Syndicate, where winners have to decide whether to give a share to a member who has not paid up.

Then in 2017 The Sun revealed how a group of dinner ladies scooped £25million between six of them.

However, there were several colleagues who were left out of the syndicate, and didn't win the money.

What is The Syndicate about?

As mentioned, each series follows a different syndicate.

In the first season, it is set in a Leeds supermarket, in the second, a public hospital in Bradford, and the third a crumbling stately home near Scarborough.

Season 4 is a brand-new story about a syndicate of low paid kennel workers who think they’ve won the lottery but have been robbed of their ticket.

The chase to confront the culprit takes us to the wealthy French Riviera where the young syndicate find themselves well out of their depth.

When is The Syndicate on TV?

The new series starts TONIGHT (March 30, 2021) on BBC One at 9pm.

The episodes will continue to air on Tuesdays at the same time.

Fans will be able to catch up on BBC iPlayer after each episode has aired.

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