Kate Garraway savages Prince Harry over burn-out comments ‘Another excuse’

GMB: Kate Garraway discusses Prince Harry's 'inner work'

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The Duke of Sussex took part in Inner Work Day for start-up company BetterUp when he made the comments about being left “burnt out”. Taking aim at Prince Harry, Good Morning Britain host Kate Garraway joked it was “another excuse” from the royal.

Prince Harry commented: “I’m burning the candle at both ends and that’s like, boom.

“That’s when you’re forced to look inside yourself.”

He went on to add due to his LA lifestyle, he isn’t always able to do the things he’d “love to do” because of the stresses he faces.

On how he relieves himself of stress, Harry continued: “I know I need to meditate every single day.

“There’s a lesson here. ‘I’m being schooled by the universe. Next time it happens, I’m going to be more resilient and can see a way around it to achieve the ultimate goal.’

“If you have that perspective, every single bad thing that happens. What you perceive to be bad, can be good.”

Mocking his comments, Kate simply stated: “That’s another excuse from Prince Harry this morning.

“We’re too busy on our inner work to think about the outer work and we’re too talented for awards, Richard?”

“Yeah,” entertainment reporter Richard Arnold replied. “I have had no inner work whatsoever for quite some time.”

“The outer work looks great though,” Ben Shephard chipped in, referencing Harry’s appearance.

Kate’s comments came as the trio spoke about the latest BAFTA nominations with both Kristen Stewart and Olivia Colman missing out on nods.

Kristen has been snubbed after portraying the late Princess of Wales, in the film Spencer.

Richard told the hosts that critics had shared their theories online with some claiming she didn’t receive a nomination because she is, “American and Diana’s son is president of the Baftas”.

“A little bit of shade there,” Richard said. “That is the chatter.”

He explained Olivia was snubbed because “she is too talented”.

The host pointed out there should be an introduction of a new category to honour outstanding talent such as Olivia and Dame Judi Dench.

Viewers took to social media following the segment, with many pleading with the show to stop reporting on the royals.

Natasha penned: “Wish #GMB would just stop reporting on Harry & Meghan.” (sic)

Kelly added: “Not shocking @GMB loves doing the snide remarks when comes to Harry and Meghan.”

While Dex tweeted: “Why must you all on @GMB go into b****y, catty, patronising mode when you talk about Harry…. No matter what your tone always changes.” (sic)

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