Kerry Katona says she feels guilty about her alcoholic aunt's death saying 'I could have done more to help her'

A HEARTBROKEN Kerry Katona is blaming herself for her beloved aunty's death after she lost her battle with addiction.

The singer, 40, told her Instagram followers that her aunty Angela had tried hard to beat her demons before her tragic death.

But now Kerry has revealed she feels "a sense of guilt" for not having done more to help her Angela overcome her addiction.

Kerry has opened up about how her aunty felt more like a sister to her and the family's guilt over her death.

"My beautiful auntie Angela sadly passed away and we're all heartbroken. Angela was more like my sister – I'm an only child and grew up with my Nanny Betty, and me and Ang shared a bedroom," Kerry wrote in New.

"She was the most fun and loving person – she was the life and soul of the party. She'd do anything for anybody.

"And she was such a clean freak! When she lived with me she must've reorganised my wardrobe about a million and one times."

Kerry added: "There's a sense of guilt where I feel like I could have done more to help her.

"I think we're all feeling that as a family. She's left three beautiful, amazing children behind.

"Alcoholism is a vile disease. Rest in Peace, Ang I love you."

Paying tribute on Instagram, she shared a series of pictures of herself hugging her aunt at the seaside and at her home.

The last picture showed Kerry and Angela together after she won I'm A Celebrity in 2003.

She captioned the pictures: "My crazy, beautiful Aunty (more my sister) sadly passed away yesterday!

"We’re all absolutely heartbroken! Oh Ang I really wish I could rewind and tell you how much I love you and I always wanted to be you when I was little. I should have done more!"

Kerry overcame her own addiction battle 10 years ago.

In the early noughties her cocaine addiction, marriage woes and the loss of her £250,000 Iceland deal made her want to end her own life.

But after years of substance abuse she turned her life around when she checked into a fitness bootcamp with her mum before going to rehab in Arizona a decade ago

In a 2019 interview with The Sun, she said of cocaine: “I call it devil's dandruff because it's toxic,  it’s manipulating, it gives a false sense of security, it’s not really there for you, it's ruining you."

She went on: "It's an escapism. Taking coke is better than facing the scariest thing going on in your life. You’re constantly chasing that buzz and you don't want the come down. The downers are awful.

"After taking drugs I used to have fits. My eyes would roll back and I’d be frothing at the mouth. I could have died, I could have chocked on my own tongue, my own saliva."

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