Kim Kardashian Ripped for Disregarding WGA Picket Line: ‘Krossed Our Line’

The reality TV star is blasted after she crosses the WGA picket line during the writers strike in New York City to film for the upcoming season of ‘American Horror Story’.

AceShowbizKim Kardashian upsets Writers Guild of America (WGA) members. The reality TV star has been blasted online after she crossed the WGA picket line during the writers strike in New York City to film for the upcoming season of “American Horror Story“.

While A-listers and talk show hosts joined the picket line to show support for the writers, “The Kardashians” star opted to cruise past it. On Wednesday, May 31, playwright and former “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” showrunner Warren Leight claimed in one tweet that Kim completely disregarded WGA members’ plight.

“Sad to report that Kim Kardashian crossed our midtown picket line today,” Warren wrote in the tweet. “Ushered past us into a freight elevator in her chauffeured Escalade. Writers aren’t keeping up, but Kim Krossed Our Line.”

Speaking to The Daily Beast, Warren said, ” ‘American Horror Story’ was shooting in midtown.” He continued, “We set up a line, she was driven past it into a waiting freight elevator. Building security guard put on a bulletproof vest which seemed over the top.”

It was also said that the SKIMS founder appeared to want to go incognito from the writers, who are demanding higher wages, better healthcare benefits and fair compensation from streaming giants. Warren noted that Kim “kept herself invisible behind heavily tinted windows” as she made the dramatic entrance.

“[Writers on the picket line] knew her call time, and she was driven in a bit ahead of it. Plus the degree of security massing before she arrived, then surrounding her car, pushing us away, [indicated it was Kim],” he added. He was further convinced that it was the mother of four because “once she got in, people on the set confirmed she’d arrived.”

Dragging Kim for not acknowledging the pickets, the former showrunner continued, “We understand working actors are required to cross our lines until their contract is up at the end of June. Many of them agonize over that, or send support in other ways. She’s obviously in a position where she could either opt out of her episode, or tell the producers she’s not comfortable crossing a line. She chose to cross. That’s now part of her public image.”

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