MAFS’ Chanita Stephenson: ‘Ella has no empathy, Peggy’s getting the ick and Luke’s a dark horse’

Married At First Sight UK has been rocked by a cheating scandal, a dinner party walkout and an emotional exit this week – following Ella and JJ's decision to pursue each other, rather than their spouses.

After a week of high emotions, our columnist and MAFS alum Chanita Stephenson has plenty to update us on as she shares her view of the recent drama, and sends her love to JJ's scorned wife Bianca.

Aside from the romantic turmoil of Ella and JJ, Peggy and Georges have hit another wall in their relationship – as Chanita predicts that one of them has the ick. And, is there a dark horse amongst this cast?

Sending love to Bianca

My heart was pouring for Bianca this week, she has come across as such a sweet, genuine girl who was there for real reasons. You can tell that she's there for real reasons, which a lot of the others aren't. I felt for Nathaniel too, as both of their spouses, Ella and JJ, have disrespected them by developing feelings for one another. I was more upset for Bianca, because at least Nathaniel knew what he was going into with the dinner party and he was told about their connection. Whereas, Bianca had no idea what was going on and was blindsided. It was really nice to see Roz comforting Bianca during the first part of the dinner party and trying to help her, I think it showed a different side to Roz and proved that she is a girl's girl, which we haven't seen much of. Ella likes to repeatedly say she's a girl's girl, but that's questionable. If you have to shout about being something, you probably aren't that in the first place.

When Bianca was upset at the table later on, it seemed like she was sat crying on her own with no one helping, if it was me, I would have moved around the table and comforted her. That's what I did in my series, it's just horrible to watch no one helping. Ella apologised to Bianca but it didn't feel like she had any empathy for the situation, she seems to smirk all the time and it's just not a genuine apology when you're smiling. She's like the cat who got the cream and I don't agree with the situation. I think it's very superficial between JJ and Ella, it's all based on looks and I didn't see any depth in their connection.

Love/Hate week

We saw Erica and Jordan have their first real blip for Love/Hate week and I think it's because they're both really outspoken and blunt, so they might clash at times. While they were at each other a little, I feel like they communicated it well with one another and are good at airing things out in private, rather than bringing the group into it. When you're in that situation, solving issues in private works so much better. I feel like they are a good match and strong, they just could clash because of their stubbornness. I think that Jordan is actually one of the most emotionally mature men out of all the grooms, because while he is getting involved in drama, what he's saying is right. He stands up for whoever is in the right, woman or man, and I appreciate that.

We're starting to see a different side of Luke, which I think will come out more. During Love/Hate week, he told Jay that she didn't tell him off enough again, but does he want to be mothered? He also made a comment about how he could do whatever he wanted when it came to girls and going out, describing her as a walkover, which I think is disrespectful to your wife. I liked Luke at the beginning but now I feel like he's a dark horse and I'm not sure.

This week I've been noticing that Laura doesn't give Arthur very much affection, I feel like he is very supportive of her but it doesn't work both ways. I'm not sure she's as into him as he is her, it feels like something isn't right there. I'm not sure I've got the highest of hopes for those two.

I'd really like to see more of the two new couples, Adrienne and Matt and Sean and Mark, there has been so much drama going on that we haven't seen how they're getting on.

The rain before the storm

Last week's dinner party was mad from the get-go, while the drama was mostly centred around JJ and Ella for most of the night, I didn't expect Tasha to get riled up when she came in. She entered and called Erica a 'tramp' straight away, which I thought was a bit too far. I get feeling disrespected, but to react like that makes you look worse. Fair enough that Erica then resolved it, because she didn't need to give her the time of day after she called her that.

I still don't know what's going on, the Tasha and Erica beef doesn't add up for me. I think there must be more behind the scenes that we haven't seen, because I don't get why Tasha is so angry with Erica and where it has stemmed from. We also saw Erica's husband Jordan saying later in the week that Erica thinks she's better than him, so I wonder if she's been giving off those vibes to everyone. I need this mystery solved.

Roz and Tom on the up

I have absolutely loved watching Roz and Tom flourish this week, it's been so nice to see them having fun and feeling comfortable with each other. They started so awkward but now it seems like they can really be themselves which I love. I found it hilarious when they had all the sex toys out too, I'm really hoping that they're more than friends and can make it work.

Peggy's got the ick

I feel like Peggy just isn't that interested in Georges, she has the ick. She keeps blaming it on this video of him doing squats and, while it is a cringey video, it's not something that can halt you that much. It's strange because if they really are the couple they're portraying, they would have been intimate by this point. I don't mean they need to rush to sleep with each other, but even kissing and touching, they don't seem to do any of that. I know from experience that when you're in that experiment and living with this person in those apartments, you do want to be intimate if you fancy them. I don't know what it does to you but it does something!

I've started to really like Georges over the last few weeks and I think he's so different to how he seemed on the wedding day. I feel like he's been really patient and understanding with Peggy but there's only so much he can take.

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