'Ozark' Season 4 New and Returning Cast Members Revealed

Ozark has been a massive hit for Netflix. The show stars Jason Bateman and tells the story of a financial advisor who uproots his family to launder money for a Mexican drug cartel. It premiered in 2017 and will conclude with its upcoming fourth season. Here, find out the Ozark Season 4 cast and other details about the final episodes.

The cast of ‘Ozark’ Season 4, revealed

The Ozark season 4 cast was revealed in a report from Variety, published on Oct. 19.

Returning actors include Bateman (Marty Byrde), Laura Linney (Wendy Byrde), Julia Garner (Ruth Langmore), Skylar Gaertner (Jonah Byrde), Sofia Hublitz (Charlotte Byrde), Lisa Emery (Darlene Snell), Charlie Tahan (Wyatt Langmore), Jessica Frances Dukes (Agent Maya Miller), Felix Solis (Omar Navarro), Damian Young (Jim Rattelsdorf), John Bedford Lloyd (Frank Cosgrove), and Joseph Sikora (Frank Cosgrove Jr.).

New actors include Bruce Davison, Bruno Bichir, Alfonso Herrera, Adam Rothenberg, Katrina Lenk, Ali Stroker, and Veronica Falcón.

Per Deadline, Davison is set to play a former politician with shady ways. Bruno Bichir will be Navarro’s priest. CC Castillo will play the local sheriff. Alfonso Herrera will appear as a member of Navarro’s family. Adam Rothenberg will act as a private investigator. Katrina Lenk stars as the head of a top biopharmaceutical company. Ali Stroker will be one of Ruth’s friends. And Veronica Falcón will play Navarro’s sister.

Billboard also reported that rapper Killer Mike, whose real name is Michael Render, would appear in the fourth season of Ozark, but seemingly in a smaller role.

The next season of ‘Ozark’ is the final chapter for the Byrde family

The fourth season of Ozark will be a two-part event, finding the Byrde family deeply involved with the cartel. Fans will recall that in the Ozark Season 3 finale, Navarro told Marty and Wendy he intends to work even closer with them now that Helen Pierce is out of the picture. Showrunner Chris Mundy teased that this partnership could have big consequences for the couple next season.

“Marty kind of said it in the speech that he gives to try and get Wendy out of bed, which is that we have to burrow all the way into the center of this thing. To us, it’s that. It’s, you’re a vital part of this enterprise now and you’re completely on his radar, to the point where he’s commingling his or someone else’s blood with yours, you’re sharing in that,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

“And so, for better or worse, you’re completely in this game, and now it’s yours to see if you have another play left in you,” Mundy added.

Bateman promises a ‘great’ finale

Bateman teased the finale in a separate interview with IndieWire.

“I do know where everything is going to end,” he revealed. “The specifics leading up to it, I didn’t really grind [Chris Mundy] on. But I was interested in the big question he has the opportunity to answer: Are they going to get away with it, or are they going to pay a bill? What does he want to message to the audience about the consequences of what the Byrdes have done — or lack thereof?”

He continued: “We had some great conversations about that, and he’s got really good ideas about that. Specifically, what kind of happens at the end of the last episode: I know, and it’s great.”

The first half of Ozark Season 4 will premiere on Netflix on Jan. 21, 2022.

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