Ozark theory: Who did Jonah shoot in Ozark?

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Netflix’s hit series Ozark has proved to be a huge hit but sadly all good things must come to an end with the Emmy-winning drama finally shutting up shop. Ozark’s final outing was longer than the previous runs with 14 episodes in total, split in half and released several months apart. With the last seven episodes now on the streaming platform, hardcore fans are poring over all the details of the show.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from all seasons of Ozark

Who did Jonah shoot in Ozark?

Perhaps one of the biggest moments in the show was the last-ever scene.

Disgraced Chicago cop-turned-private investigator Mel Sattem (played by Adam Rothenberg) showed up at the Byrdes’ home and told the family he planned to expose them.

The former police officer with a drug habit broke into the house and found the goat cookie jar Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner) used to store the ashes of her beloved boyfriend Ben Davis (Tom Pelphrey).

Sattem told the stunned family the jar wasn’t full of cookies but “evidence” which he would take to the authorities and reveal the Byrdes were behind Ben’s death.

Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) were shocked by the detective’s discovery and quickly tried to bribe him.

They promised him oodles of money to keep their fortune but he wasn’t budging as he planned the Byrdes’ downfall.

He said the Byrdes were aspiring to become a famous and powerful dynasty like the Kennedys or the Koch family.

As Marty and Wendy tried to win over Sattem, the sound of a cocked gun silenced everyone as Jonah Byrde (Skylar Gaertner) aimed a rifle at the PI.

The screen then cut to black as a gunshot rang out and the implication was Jonah murdered Sattem to save the family.

While the moment of death isn’t shown, it seemed fairly likely Jonah shot Sattem after deciding to a Byrde.

Alternatively, Jonah may have shot the cookie jar containing Ben’s ashes and so destroying Sattem’s case.

Given how Sattem is holding the urn close to his chest, it’s unlikely Jonah would have been able to shoot it without severely injuring the PI in the process.

The show has been developing Jonah’s character over the seasons and it seems highly likely he finally reached the point where he accepted it was either kill or be killed.

Early on in Ozark, Jonah was becoming adept at using a gun whether it was shooting at cans or destroying his parent’s home.

If anything, this moment would solidify Jonah’s commitment to his family and choosing them over anyone else.

This wouldn’t be the first time Ozark hasn’t shown a death onscreen.

The Ozark fandom was set alight with speculation after Ben’s execution didn’t play out in front of the camera but was merely suggested.

Many believed Nelson (Nelson Bonilla) allowed Ben to escape with the Byrdes faking the school teacher’s death.

Only in season four, part two did the makers show cartel hitman Nelson picking Ben up from the diner and taking him to a remote farm.

Nelson instructed Ben to stand next to a piece of tarpaulin before shooting him dead.

Although it was clear Ben was about to meet his maker, the screen cut to black as a gunshot rang out.

Ozark is streaming on Netflix now

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