Teen Mom Jenelle Evans claps back at trolls who 'make fun of her body' by showing her curves in just lingerie on TikTok

TEEN Mom Jenelle Evans clapped back at the trolls who "make fun of her body" by showing her curves in just lingerie on TikTok.

The former reality TV star has been feuding with her mom, Barbara, after she claimed she got full custody of her oldest son, Jace.

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Jenelle, 29, took part in the most recent TikTok trend where users pose sensually against a red light.

The mom of three first appeared wearing an oversized t-shirt with biker shorts before the lights turned off and she posed in a two-piece lingerie set.

Along with the sensual video, she wrote: "When someone makes fun of your body… show it off.

"#SelfLove Let’s see you do a reaction to this."

Jenelle has never been afraid of showing off her body on social media as she deals with body-shamers.

She's danced in her sports bra and bathing suits multiple times.

However, body-shamers are the least of her worries right now as Jenelle is currently battling it out with her mom after she claimed her mom gave her custody of Jace, 11.

Most recently, Jenelle claimed that her mom blocked her, saying in a YouTube video: "I'm pretty mad right now. I'm pretty pissed off… Jace was living with me the past week, and now circumstances have changed. Why have they changed- because my mom can't put down her pride…

"Jace was with me the past week because of his behavior… My mom and Jace are not safe around each other…

"What hurts the most is that this is my own mother doing this to me… I had Jace for a week and a half, two weeks, and then boom, he's f**king gone again- taken right from me by my mom for no f**king reason…Our relationship is ruined…Shows my mom true colors doing this."

Previously, Jenelle had slammed Barbara as "toxic" for "lying" about giving her custody of her son, Jace.

The Teen Mom 2 alum claimed Barbara led her on as a teen by saying she could become Jace's legal guardian when she got older.

Jenelle had Jace when she was just 17, and Barbara took custody of him while Jenelle battled heroin addiction and several arrests.

In a TikTok clip, the MTV star jumped on the "Biggest lie your parents ever told you," trend.

"Oh, I'll give you custody back when you get older," she told the camera, while mimicking Barb's voice.

"Bulls**t," she added, as her husband, David Eason, added from behind her: "Yeah, right!"

Jenelle captioned the clip: "Sometimes it’s not the best thing to trust your parents. #BiggestLie #MyLife #ToxicParent."

Before her claims that her mom was toxic, Barbara claimed Jenelle "misspoke" when she said she has regained custody of Jace and that he lives with her full-time.

Jenelle hit back in a YouTube clip, saying she's "upset" with Barbara and that the situation has affected her "trust."

"Jace has come to live with us, you guys! I know, it's exciting news," the MTV alum said in her video.

The reality star added she and Barbara share custody of Jace.

In addition to Jace, Jenelle also has a son, Kaiser, six, with her ex Nathan Griffith and a daughter Ensley, three, with her husband David Eason.

Teen Mom OG – Season 9

Season 9 was filmed as the outbreak of coronavirus hit America.

Who's in the cast this season?

  • Amber Portwood
  • Catelynn Lowell
  • Cheyenne Floyd
  • Maci Bookout McKinney
  • Mackenzie McKee

Who are their boyfriends, husbands and baby daddies?

  • Amber Portwood's boyfriend Dimitri Garcia
  • Catelynn Lowell's husband Tyler Baltierra
  • Cheyenne Floyd's ex-boyfriend Cory Wharton
  • Maci Bookout's husband Taylor McKinney
  • Mackenzie McKee's husband Josh McKee

Teen Mom OG 's season nine aired on January 26th 2021 on MTV.

Following Jenelle's TikTok videos claiming she now has custody of Jace, Barb told TMZ Jace is going back and forth between the two houses due to the pandemic.

Barb explained Jace will go to Jenelle's home for three or four days a week, mainly to give him a change of scenery.

After Jenelle had made the claims, the two spoke on the phone and when confronted, she told her she "misspoke" and recognized that her mom still had custody.

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