The Chase's Shaun Wallace warns contestant 'I do the explanations' after she 'goes for his job' in fiery spat

THE Chase's Shaun Wallace warned a contestant 'I do the explanations' during a fiery spat on last night's show.

Shaun, whose nickname is 'The Dark Destroyer' on the ITV quiz show, went head to head with contestant Tina on Monday's episode.

Tina had achieved a respectable £5,000 in her cash builder but during one of her questions, she received a warning from Shaun.

Host Bradley Walsh asked: "Who rules a state that is a xenocracy?” with the options being: A) Foreigners, B) Landowners, or C) Everyone.

Tina went for option A before explaining her reasoning, saying: "I get xenophobia from xenocracy, which is a fear of foreigners”.

Bradley admitted he hadn't known that, while Shaun couldn't help but point out he had been left with little to add to the topic.

He said: "You after my job?" which made the audience laugh.

He added: "I do the explanations around here, okay?”

But holding her own, Tina cheekily shot back: "Not if I know the answer.”

It came as no surprise that Tina continued to show off her knowledge and made it back to her seat for the Final Chase.

Tina was joined by fellow contestant Val, but their two brains were not enough to stop Shaun catching them with 28 seconds left on the clock.

For Shaun, it was "just another day at the office".

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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