The Circle spoilers: Tally fights back tears as she confronts 'fake Tally' – but is left speechless by her reply

THE Circle's Tally will fight back the tears tonight after she confronts "fake Tally" – and is left speechless by her reply.

Series three of the Channel 4 reality show hit our screens earlier this week and it has already got viewers at the edge of their seats.

As viewers will know, original cast member Yolanda – who went into the game as her husband Chris – got blocked on Tuesday.

In a shock twist she was given the opportunity to re-enter the competition as an existing contestant and clone their identity – so she picked 23-year-old medical receptionist Tally.

This left the remaining nine players baffled when they noticed that there were two profiles with the same name – but one was blue and the other was orange.

The pair have been trying to convince the others that they are the REAL Tally and of course, Tally herself was getting very frustrated that people were second guessing her.

A teaser clip from tonight's instalment of the show has given a sneak peek at what viewers can expect from their highly anticipated showdown.

Tally paces around the room in a huff and shouts: "She's literally taken my pictures, taken my facts, taken my profile, I'm f***ing done with it. I actually am.

"I wanna have a chat with Tally… with the s**ty version, the orange one," Tally shouted as she paced around her room in a huff in a teaser clip from this evening's instalment of the show.

When Yolanda receives the notification that Tally had started a conversation with her, she knows what is coming her way.

The dating agency founder sighs: "Oh my days."

Tally types out to the catfish: "I just can't sleep without letting you know that this has actually cut me quite deep for me.

"The sole reason I've come in here is to try and be authentically myself in my own skin."

A shocked Yolanda says out loud: "S**t! She's gone quite deep but that might just be her trying to get me to back away and if she's a catfish, of course she's going to say that.

"Like I don't even think she is who she says she is anyway."

Tally paces around the room waiting for her reply and shouts: "I ain't scared of you!"

She later falls to her seat absolutely speechless.

Tally says: "I have no words, I have no words."

Last night viewers of the reality show took to Twitter to praise bosses for their genius twist.

One wrote: "This clone twist is genius OMG."

Another posted: "Woahhhhh what a twist!!! You know this series is going to be amazing."

A third added: "OMG I feel so anxious for the real Tally. This is crazy. Such a good twist."

Another shared: "This twist is brilliant!!! Great star, it's thrown the whole circle into a frenzy. Love this show."

Tally has got to try and convince the rest of the gang that she is who she says she is.

The Circle, which premiered its first season back in 2018, has become a huge hit with fans.

The show follows a group of people living in a block of flats who communicate via messages online.

However the twist is that they can even enter the competition as themselves, or as someone else.

Contestants Andy Smith, Billy Dawson, Manrika Khaira, Vithun Illankovan and Tally Brattle are all playing themselves to try and bag the £100,000 prize fund.

Whereas Hashu Mohammed is pretending to be his uncle Syed, James Crossley is an NHS nurse called Gemma, father daughter duo Jamie and Millie Dutton-Forshaw are 49-year-old Penny and now Yolanda is Tally.

Catch the next episode of The Circle tonight at 10pm on Channel 4

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