Appalling moment youth abuses Professor Chris Whitty in the street

Appalling moment Covidiot harasses Chris Whitty in the street and accuses the Downing Street advisor of ‘lying’ about the virus during briefings

  • Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty was harassed in a shocking clip in London 
  • It is unclear when it was filmed but it was widely shared on social media today 
  • In it, a youth films and follows Dr Whitty, branding him a liar throughout the clip 
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This is the shocking moment Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty was branded a liar by a mask-less youth in a London market.

The video appeared to have been filmed in a market in Westminster as Dr Whitty waited in line for some food. 

It is unclear when it was filmed, though it was uploaded today to several social media channels run by someone called ‘AA Bants’. 

The youth’s identity is unknown, though he appears to be a teenager.  

Dr Whitty didn’t react as he was harassed by the youth, who told him ‘you’re a liar’ and accused him of lying over the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Department of Health told MailOnline it is aware of the video and is investigating. 

The unknown youth uploaded the video to social media pages run by ‘AA Bants’ today 

Conservative MP Matt Vickers shared the footage on Twitter and said: ‘This is appalling, I really can’t believe this footage. 

‘Chris Whitty is doing all he can to help guide us through this crisis and should never be subjected to this abuse.’

Dr Whitty has become a household name during the pandemic, appearing alongside Prime Minster Boris Johnson at Downing Street briefings and spearheading the fight against the virus. 

As the face of the NHS’s virus battle, he has been both championed and criticised by Britons over the course of the pandemic. 

The harassment of the Chief Medical officers comes amid a surge of conspiracy theories about the virus. 

Piers Corbyn, brother of former Labour leader Jeremy, has emerged as a key figure for Covid-deniers.  

He has been arrested at lease twice in 2021 for repeatedly breaching lockdown to protest against lockdown measures intended to slow the spread of Covid-19. 

On January 2, Mr Corbyn was among 17 people who were arrested for breaching Health Protection Regulations at the demonstration at Speaker’s Corner, in Hyde Park.

The Chief Medical Officer didn’t react to the harassment, standing in line waiting for food instead

A crowd of between 200 and 300 people gathered to protest against lockdown restrictions and their civil liberties being curtailed. 

It came after Corbyn was fined and arrested on New Year’s Day after leading a New Year’s Eve anti-lockdown protest near the London Eye, in the centre of the capital.

Mr Corbyn a video of what was dubbed the ‘NYE Party of Parties’ on his Twitter feed, proclaiming: ‘TOTAL SUCCESS! #NYEPartyofParties by London Eye. 

‘Over 1000 defied all threats +chanted #LetLondonLive! & #Corbyn4London after I announced I will stand for Mayor! Thank you +well done all!’ 

The conspiracy theorist has now been arrested at least five times since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and has received fines totalling more than £10,000.  

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