Why Shamima Begum will FOREVER be a threat to UK and could sneak back – as her lawyer says 'fight is nowhere near over' | The Sun

A TERRORISM expert has warned Shamima Begum will always be a threat to the UK and could still sneak into the country.

The former jihadi bride had her citizenship appeal rejected today banning her from returning to Britain.

The 23-year-old who was stripped of her British citizenship on national security grounds in 2019 has been fighting to be allowed back into the UK.

The decision to keep her out of Britain was announced by the Special Immigration Appeals Commission on Wednesday after a five-day hearing in November last year.

Following the ruling Shamima's lawyers have insisted the legal battle is "no where near over" adding that "there's no limit to the challenges" that can be undertaken.

Even though a court dismissed her appeal on all grounds security and intelligence expert Professor Anthony Glees believes she will be forever a threat to the UK and has "never shown any genuine remorse."

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Shamima BANNED from re-entering UK as ISIS bride’s citizenship appeal denied

He told The Sun Online: "In 2021 she said 'I didn't hate Britain, I hated my constricted life in Britain'.

"That sentence tells you a lot, she did 'hate' how she was living in Britain (whether that is 'Britain' or just being an apparently ordinary Muslim schoolgirl in Bethnal Green, is unsaid).

"But the 'how she was living' clearly shows she wanted an Islamic/Islamist way of life, not a British one.

"Self-evidently she felt 'constricted' by being in a free society because she exchanged it for an hard Islamist one.

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"Well, now she's got what she wants."

The Professor added there are a few different ways the ex-jihadi bride could sneak back into the UK.

He said: "She may try to return unlawfully, it’s possible. But she is legally fully entitled to Bangladeshi citizenship and probably Dutch citizenship as well.

"If she’s got any sense she’ll go and live in Bangladesh and seek to rehabilitate and re-educate herself by working hard, as a nurse perhaps, with the victims of Islamist terrorism.

"Had she been allowed back to the UK she’d have been an icon for Islamists here, whether she wanted to be or not.

"The same would happen if she were allowed to live in Holland.

"She’s not legally stateless as we know today for sure and she has to move on.

"There are so many people who took as she does in Bangladesh or Indonesia, she has lots of opportunities for a new life.

"Unlike the victims of the vile Islamic State, in particular the Yazidi women, women like her, who were abused, raped and killed by those Shamima wished to succour."

Shamima was just 15 years old when she left her home in Bethnal Green, East London, with two school pals to join ISIS in Syria.

Supporters claimed she was a victim of trafficking – but the government said she went to Syria with her "eyes wide open" and was a danger to society.

Judge Robert Jay said "reasonable people will differ" over the circumstances of the case.

But he said the Commission found the Home Office acted correctly after considering "all the circumstances" and sifting through "voluminous material".

British Army veteran Alan Duncan, who fought against the Islamic State in Syria, told The Sun Online the court had made "the right decision".

He said: "She made her choice, she made her bed, she can now lie in it.

"This wasn't only about Shemima Begum, it would have been an opener to all ISIS brides. We'd be opening the floodgates.

"People are forgetting that. She will try again to get back, she has a lot of people backing her. Begum isn't a distraction.

"As far as I'm concerned, brilliant job the court, and well done the government."

Following the decision in the Shamima Begum case on Wednesday, a Downing Street spokesman said: "The Government's priority will always be maintaining our national security and decisions to deprive individuals of their citizenship are not taken lightly.

"We will always ensure the safety and security of the UK and will not allow anything to jeopardise this."

The Home Office said they were "pleased" the court ruled in favour of the government.

Sajid Javid added: "I welcome today's court ruling, which has again upheld my decision to remove an individual's citizenship on national security grounds.

"This is a complex case but Home Secretaries should have the power to prevent anyone entering our country who is assessed to pose a threat to it."

Shamima is currently living at a camp in northern Syria following the collapse of the ISIS "Caliphate" – where she is now likely to remain.

Earlier this month, she made a fresh bid for sympathy in a new BBC documentary – but also admitted it was "exciting" being smuggled into Syria to join gun-toting killers.

The ISIS bride told how she and her two pals flew from Gatwick to Istanbul, where an ISIS handler waited with them for a bus.

After arriving in Gaziantep near the Syrian border, they met ISIS smuggler Mohammed Rasheed – who was also allegedly selling information to Canadian spies.

Shamima says they switched cars "about seven times" before crossing into the ISIS badlands.

She claimed she "did not know" about ISIS atrocities – such as the filmed beheadings of British aid workers – before she left London.

Shamima went to ISIS capital Raqqa where she married Dutch jihadi Yago Riedijk – six years older at 21.

They had three children who died from malnutrition and disease.

The BBC was slammed for giving Begum a "platform" last month.

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And an author who also interviewed Begum said she is faking remorse to rehabilitate her image.

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