Alabama Riverboat Brawl Suspects Turn Themselves In, Charged with Assault

Zachary Shipman allen todd

More arrests in the massive riverfront brawl in Montgomery, Alabama … as two more men have turned themselves in and have been hit with charges.

The Montgomery Police Department made the announcement Thursday night — Allen Todd, 23, and Zachary Shipman, 25, turned themselves in, and were charged with one count of assault 3rd degree.

While the arrests might not be a surprise — as cops announced Wednesday the men were facing charges and making arrangements to come to the police station — there’s still a possibility more arrests and charges could come from the brawl.

TMZ broke the story, one of the employees on the passenger ferry, Harriot 2, told cops she heard the white men yell, “F*** that n*****” before coming down the dock to fight the black employee who was moving their boat so the ferry could park safely.

As we reported, Richard Roberts, who is accused of punching a 16-year-old ferry employee also turned himself in.

In a presser Wednesday, the Montgomery Chief of police announced they’d been working with local FBI agents to determine if a hate crime was committed. At this time, no one has been charged with a hate crime.

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