King Charles’ Kenyan trip was an attempt to rebrand as The Listening King?

This was/is King Charles and Camilla’s final day in Kenya, and their last events had to be shifted around because of a big rainstorm. You know Camilla can’t wait to put up her feet on the private plane and order the biggest gin-and-tonic anyone has ever seen. While Charles and Camilla’s Kenyan tour had many terrible moments, there was seemingly no huge controversy which drew international headlines or condemnation. The biggest headline was “the king didn’t apologize for the brutal colonialist rule of Kenya,” but it doesn’t even seem like many people were realistically expecting it. Plus, Buckingham Palace went on a briefing spree to let people know that Charles can’t formally or informally apologize for anything without the permission of the government. Convenient.

CNN had an interesting piece about how this trip is supposedly some kind of rebrand for Charles, that he will now be known as “The Listening King.” As in, he goes to formerly colonized countries and “listens” to people who were brutalized or harmed by Britain and… that’s it. He listens but he can’t do anything about it, nor can he offer them a sincere apology.

Meanwhile, the Mail’s Ephraim Hardcastle column pointed out that Charles’s upcoming trip to Dubai for the COP28 climate conference means that he won’t have to attend the Royal Variety show. He hasn’t attended the Royal Variety since 2016 (!!) and that task will likely be delegated to Sophie and Edward again. Remember how Sophie was rude as hell to a comedian at last year’s Royal Variety? Yikes, maybe the king can send someone else. Oh wait, there’s no one else!! Y’all know that Peg and Gopher Wig will try to go to Dubai too, especially Peg.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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