Mum shares cheeky way she keeps her kids in check in the run up to Christmas and it’s thanks to a VERY modern Santa

STAYING in touch with Father Christmas in the run-up to Christmas is a tried and tested trick among parents to keep their kids in check.

But convincing kids they're in touch with the big man himself has become harder in recent years.

Now, one mum has come up with a clever way of duping her children into believing she's email contacts with Santa.

Claire Michelle took to the Family Lowdown Tips and Ideas group on Facebook to share her hack, which involved creating an email address specifically for Father Christmas and his elves – [email protected].

"Anyone else created a fake email address for Santa?" she wrote. "Well I'm assuming yes because when I tried there was A LOT of rejections before I finally managed to find one.

"The things we do for our kids eh? I wonder how many times she's going to ask me to message the big man."

Claire also shared a screenshot of the first email she sent to 'Santa', in which she wrote: "Hi Santa. Ho ho hope you’re ok (sorry couldn’t resist!)

"My little girl Alice has drawn a picture and has asked me to email it to you. Part of me is deeply upset that my child thinks emailing Santa is an acceptable form of communication but another part of me accepts it is the 21st Century and I have to move with the times!

"Anyway, we hope you’re having a big rest ready for Christmas Eve, Alice and Heidi are being very good girls (your spy camera is definitely helping with that, so thanks)."

She concluded her email by signing it from "Alice (age 6) and her Mummy".

Her post was quickly praised by other parents keen to encourage good behaviour in their kids ahead of Christmas, with one writing: "What a good idea!"

Others shared the ways they'd also set up modern ways of staying in touch with Santa.

"I set up a WhatsApp group with my partner last year named Father Christmas with a picture of the big man as the group picture," one mum wrote.

"My number is saved as Elfy Holly. I write the message then delete my side. The kids think it is amazing when we get texts from the elf," another added.

A third commented: "My eldest daughter thinks that when you become a parent you become eligible for elf school and once qualified, you have secret meetings with Santa and eat mrs Claus mince pies so I just say I had a meeting with Santa/santas elves last night but she also knows the first rule of elf school is… you can’t talk about elf school, so she doesn’t ask any further questions."

Another parent has employed Alexa to do her bidding as Santa, commenting: "I’ve changed my name on Alexa to Santa Claus and send announcements to it when they aren’t behaving."

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