Deep ‘Bigfoot’ tracks found in forest following sighting in Honey Creek

A bloke claims he spotted deep Bigfoot tracks on the forest floor of Honey Creek, Missouri after sighting the beast shortly before.

In the video, which has gained more than 270 likes, Gordon Hatchcock wrote to the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch organisation claiming he saw 12 footprints that were seen to be dug deep into the ground.

However, when he contacted investigators they believed it was caused by a bear – despite the tracks being the wrong shape.

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The bloke said: "This is what I found on the riverbank a year after me and two friends had a close encounter with Bigfoot. I got six feet from it.

"We found 12 footprints, 17 inches long, eight inches wide. It was a class, a sighting. My story is on the BFRO website. Under the state of Missouri, it starts off with three fishermen coming home from fishing.

"Have a close encounter in Southwest City, Missouri. Well, a year later it was winter. I was at the river six miles from my siding.

"The water just went down and left a layer of mud, about eight inches deep on the bank. I noticed these prints going from the highway down to the river. I called BSRO again.

"They sent one of the same investigators that checked out my close encounter, just acted like he had other things to do and said that they were just bear tracks."

However, the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organisation argued that it was the wrong shape to be claw prints made by a bear – and from the comments, their followers seem to agree.

One Bigfoot believer said: "Crazy good find. Dang."

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Another added: "Very good. Thank you RMSO."

The news comes after a woman with a remote camera set in the woods around a mountain thinks she has captured images of the elusive Bigfoot.

Carolyn Day posted the images in a Facebook group that platforms photos taken on trails in Washington state in the US. The picture shows sun splitting the trees as a large hairy figure walks in the woods.


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