‘Life is a computer game controlled by aliens’ and Elon Musk is believer

Life is actually a Matrix-like simulation with aliens in full control, according to an expert who claimed Elon Musk buys into the extra terrestrial theory.

Simulation Theory has been around for some time, with believers claiming life as we know it is completely fake, with people hooked up to an out-of-this-world being. One expert in the field believes aliens are controlling the world as one of their computer games.

Claims made by Avi Loeb, a Harvard University professor, saw questions thrown at reality, with a "kinship" between artificial intelligence and alien beings. Even then, first contact with aliens could "make people's heads explode."

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Digitised living could be the real fate of humanity, with people "being lied to" at how their lives are led. One person who claims to have been abducted say there is a secret organisation working hard to keep the simulation a secret.

Professor Loeb claims the alien species from other planets are trying to "form a kinship with human AI and bypass humanity altogether". Whether they are successful is yet to be seen.

Swedish philosopher Nick Bostrom proposed the wild theory back in 2003, and Elon Musk is reportedly a firm believer of the idea aliens are controlling a simulation. The odds of a physical reality being the firm outcome were a billion to one, Bostrom claimed.

Some are now taking his theory as a sign of alien interaction, with God just a game piece in the theory which would indicate a higher power is in control, but from far off planets. An upcoming episode of NubTV, God Versus Aliens, is set to air the claims.

Alleged alien abductee Tony Topping was also interviewed for his thoughts on life beyond the stars. He claims a secret organisation called The Collins Elite are working with aliens to keep the truth under wraps.

Author Brian Allan also asserts the phenomenon of hiding abduction evidence. Allan believes the secret organisation is working hard to prevent people from figuring out what is happening with life beyond the stars. "We are being lied to," Tony said.

Their claims come as the Daily Star previously reported the groundbreaking find of two alleged alien corpses. The Mexican government was presented the two bodies, which are now being investigated by NASA officials.

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