Solve this puzzle in nine seconds to prove your ‘hawk-like’ vision

A brain teaser has given challengers the chance to prove their attention to detail by finding a hidden animal.

The puzzle, posted to educational site Jagran Josh, asks people to look at a black-and-white picture of a floral scene and demonstrate their “hawk-like” vision.

Every inch of the complex graphic is crammed with eye-catching leaves, vines and flowers.

Hidden amongst the foliage is one animal, which is carefully disguised within its environment.

People are challenged to find a lizard blended with the background in nine seconds or fewer.

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The puzzle makers carefully hid the reptile in the bottom third of the picture.

Those who can’t quite make it out should look towards the centre, where a pointed flower points towards the animal.

Hidden among the picture’s artistic curls is a surprised-looking chameleon gazing out at the viewer.

The wide-eyed reptile has its tail curled and all but perfectly matches its surroundings, making the puzzle a tricky one.

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